Haldensteiner Calanda

Haldensteiner Calanda

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.89726°N / 9.45979°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Additional Information Elevation: 9206 ft / 2806 m
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The Haldensteiner Calanda is the highest mountain within the Calanda Massiv. There are three Calanda Peaks: Haldensteiner Calanda, Felsberger Calanda and Berger Calanda (the latter two will not be discussed in this thread). Although it's an easy climbed mountain it offers an astonishing view over the whole region. Most of the visitors climb it from the Calanda hut although there is another nice route from the town of Vättis.

Getting There

First of all, about 90% of the people who make the summit will do so by the E-route, from the Calanda hut respectively from Chur. View people use the W-route, which starts from the town of Vättis.

(Time: Officialy stated as 6 1/2 hours from the village to the summit)
You travel to the city of Chur, which lies in the east of Switzerland. It is the capital of the canton of Graubuenden. From the trainstation you take either a car, bus (nr. 3 direction "Haldenstein") or the bike (or hike...) to the little town of Haldenstein, which is located just to the north (about 20 minutes by bike) from the centre of Chur. When you are in the village you can't miss the big trekking signs which give you about two options of how to get to the Calanda hut (first section). Both trails start at the north end of the village near the water reservoir.

Both of the two routes are very scenic, especially in spring and autumn, when the leafes either blossom or change into fall colors. The signs in Haldenstein will tell you that it's about 4 1/2 hours to the Calanda hut, realistically I've never had longer than 3 1/2 hours. Once you are on the trail just follow the white-red-white signs (on trees, stones, huts etc.) and you can't miss it.

At the Calanda (2073 m) hut you can (depends on time of the year see under camping) stop for a tea or coffe. Then the second part will start. (about 2 more hours) You can already see the big table mountain of the Haldenstein Calanda which is the "pre-summit", a plateau. A well marked path will lead you all to the west up there. Don't underestimate it only because the trails is comfortable to hike, you cover a lot height in realtively short time and it can be very steep (considering that it is a path) at some points. However when you reached the top of the plateau (2755 m), you are not done yet. Take a deep breath of the cool and fresh air and have a look around at the very nice panorama. You can see the city of Chur to the south, the Sardona Massiv, the Ringelspitz with the Panaerahorns in the west and deep into the Arosa valley in the south east, and the Alpstein mountains in the north-east.

From the plateau you follow towards north on the ridge which is at the beginning very wide and then slowly but steadily narrows. At a few places you have to climb a few meters but not more than 3 meters with steps. While on the ridge you can see the summit which is the highest point of the ridge itself. There is a huge cross on the summit, which can't be missed. At the summit (2805 m), log onto the summit log, and enjoy the view. Be careful just behind the cross the ridge goes somewhat vertically down (about 300 meters) so don't slip or stumble.

To go down, you basically follow the route you took to go up (N-ridge, plateau, Calanda hut, trails down to Haldenstein or you can use the W-route down to Vättis.

(Time: Officialy stated as 4 1/2 hours from the village to the summit)
To get to the village of "Vättis" (also called "Pfäffers") you have to go to the town of "Bad Ragaz". Bad Ragaz is situated in the canton of Glarus which boarders the canton Graubuenden to the north. From Chur you can also take a bus, train or car and go to Bad Ragaz within 20-40 minutes (timetables check below under links). From Bad Ragaz take the only overland road to the south, direction Vättis. At Vättis you go to the SW-end ot the village and cross the little river called "Görsbach" to the east , there you should see again the signs which give you the directions with the trails.

Your first stop or route section is the "Haldensteiner Schafstäli" (which is roughly translated as Haldensteiner sheep valley). The trail from Vättis is very steep to the Schafstäli (50° degrees for almost the whole period).

The Schafstäli is divided into three sections lower / middle / upper.
The lower part has a lot of gravel, whereas the middle and upper part are mixed with gras and rocks. If you follow the marked trail you should be just fine. At the end of the upper Schafstäli you come to point "2411". There is a sign-pole which leads you to the north up to the plateau of the pre-summit. From the plateau you take the very same route as described above in the E-route

You can then either descend through the E-route down to Haldenstein, or take the W-route as you came, down to Vättis.

On both routs you might encounter ibex or marmots.

Red Tape

There are no park permits.

It is advisable to use the puplic transportation unless you want to pay a lot for parkin-lot fees.

In the E-route, stay on the trails (from Haldenstein to the Calanda hut) since there are several wildlife conservation areas.

(It can't be emphasized enough due to repeating incidents!)

When To Climb

The most recommended season is from June to October, but its also possible to do the same tour(s) in winter by ski / snowboard. The ridge section cannot be skied, but you might want to make a "ski-depot" at the plateau.

It is not recommended to use the W-route in winter.

(Once again there are always stoopid people who do it and risk the lives of many animals who reside there in the winter)


Camping is not necessary and not recommended. But the Calanda hut is very cozy and makes a good option to stay overnight.

Here are the hut infos (Since their website is only in German).

Name: Calanda hut

Altitude: 2073 m

Location: The hut is located at the NE-face of the Haldensteiner Calanda

Hut warden: Alice Gasser, Vogelsangweg 18, 7000 Chur
(Phone: ++41-(0)81-285-1537

Served: June to October (Fri-Night to Sun-Evening), during the other months there is a "winter-room" with 6 beds and a kitchen, which can be used. (you have to take the supplies with you)

Mountain Conditions

Check the weather under:


Chech for avalanches under:


Useful links

Buses of Chur and the Region (serving also Haldenstein)

(only in German but ask for details at the main trainstation Chur, they can give you also tickets, timetables and speak english)

Swiss Railways

Here you ca find any connection of railsways and buses throughout Switzerland

The tourism of Chur

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SwissTopo Maps (Availabe at Bookstores or some good newspaper counters)

LK 1: 25'000, Nr: 1175, "VÄTTIS"

Special Skitouring Map

LK 1: 50'000, Nr: 247S, "SARDONA"

Miscellaneous Info

There is a famous local beer brand called "Calanda" (after the mountain!). Its brewed in Chur and certainly available at the Calanda hut.