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jtschanz - Aug 30, 2005 12:21 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: August 28, 2005  Sucess!

Hiked with Betty - her first time in Yosemite. Spectacular climb no matter which way you do it! Traditional swim in the Merced on the way down was refreshing as always.


cthomson - Aug 24, 2005 1:33 am

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: July 2003  Sucess!

Summitted a few times, however once was able to spend a night up there under a full moon. Will remember that experience forever


salad - Aug 2, 2005 7:23 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: mid 90's  Sucess!

Great trip with Hesson and AD. F'in UFO's!!!!!


McCannster - Aug 1, 2005 10:11 pm

Route Climbed: The Cables Date Climbed: July 31, 2005  Sucess!

Left at 6:15 am, summited at 11:45 am, got back to Happy Isles at 5:25 pm. The cables were awesome, and it wasn't very crowded, which was nice.


SusanM - Jul 27, 2005 8:31 am

Route Climbed: Cable Route Date Climbed: August 2003  Sucess!

A long and hot solo trek. The granite dust bothered my throat, but despite this the hike was one of the best I've done. I want to come back here with a partner.

alpine master

alpine master - Jul 24, 2005 5:54 pm

Route Climbed: Regular route Date Climbed: Aug. 1998  Sucess!

First big wall. Good experience. Rain, hail, lightning, rock fall, night climbing, runout, whippers, and just about everything else that could happen.

aleasure - Jul 14, 2005 7:54 pm

Route Climbed: Regular NW Face Date Climbed: 9-11-2004  Sucess!

Did it in a long day. 14.5 hrs. Very cool. One I'd always wanted to do. Have also done Snake dike.


bbirtle - Jul 7, 2005 12:58 pm

Route Climbed: Tourist/Cables Route Date Climbed: Sept 10, 1998  Sucess!

Not a mountain as much of a work of rock art. Look at the profile of this thing: it's really a unique thing in the world.

Anyway, uneventful climb in shorts in typical fall California hot dry blue skies. Cables a cakewalk although tedious waiting on people with a fear of exposure taking a lot of time with every step. Lots of people on the summit and a quite festive mood up there.

Cached the gear on the saddle and continued midway up Cloud's Rest to camp under a beautiful old tree with an amazing sunset panarama of the mountain just climbed.

Tony Bettencourt - Jul 5, 2005 3:42 pm

Route Climbed: cable route Date Climbed: june 27 2005  Sucess!

5th year consectively with my wife Bonnie and friend Vernon


jtostenr - Jul 5, 2005 3:32 am

Route Climbed: The Cables Date Climbed: June 30, 2005  Sucess!

This was a very cool hike. From the two waterfalls to the cables near the top, it was great. We camped at Little Yosemite campground in order to hike to Clouds Rest the next day.


trad_spider - Jun 30, 2005 2:27 am

Route Climbed: The Cables Date Climbed: June 2004  Sucess!

Started around 11:00am and reached the summit at 4:00pm. Stayed up at the top for almost an hour. Started back down at 5:00pm and made it the Happy Isles by 8:30pm. First time doing a summit in Yosemite. What I remember from my experience is all the people. The one thing that bothered me was a family that brought a 4 month old baby in a carrier. Some people just have no sense. But over all the views of the Valley were an awesome experience.


roger3k - Jun 25, 2005 5:44 am

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: June 11, 2005  Sucess!

Thanks GG

miccc - Jun 23, 2005 11:38 am

Route Climbed: Regular Route Date Climbed: June 21 2005  Sucess!

Beautiful day, pretty windy on the cables and on top. Nice way to mark summer soltice.


MarieP - Jun 17, 2005 1:19 am

Route Climbed: The Cables Date Climbed: June 2004  Sucess!

The most beautiful day hike I've ever done!


gordonye - Jun 13, 2005 1:37 pm

Route Climbed: Snake Dike Date Climbed: June 11, 2005  Sucess!

Climbed with Dirk (Diggler), who lead 7 pitches, then soloed the last pitch before the last 1000 vertical feet of lower angle slope. Great sustained climbing on very exposed terrain, very long approach and descent, plus waiting 2 hours for the 4-5 parties on the route before us. Gorgeous views from the summit, especially with heavy snow cover on Clark and Cathedral Ranges, and 5 big water falls spilling over sheer cliffs.


pakmassaro - Jun 6, 2005 1:52 pm

Route Climbed: "Cables Route" via the Yosemite Valley or Happy Isles Approach Date Climbed: Friday, May 13, 2005  Sucess!

The switchbacks to the upper saddle were covered in snow. There was a clearly defined trail where others had passed. The cables were lying against the rock. I just picked up the cable, with both hands and used the cable to assist walking up the side of half dome.


cfirpo - Jun 2, 2005 10:09 am

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: October 3, 2004  Sucess!

Started at 6:45 AM to beat the crowds.

Speed climb: <6 hrs round trip.

Check out me on the diving board!

stevewarmerdam - May 20, 2005 2:17 am

Route Climbed: Cable Route Date Climbed: Auguest 2004  Sucess!

Eight person group summited early afternoon. My acrophobia kicked in and I prevented wife from going out on dashboard. Sorry honey! Ran out of water on the way back - risked Merced River water with no ill effects.


rlawson - May 19, 2005 8:59 pm

Route Climbed: Mist Trail to John Muir Trail to Half Dome via Cables Date Climbed: May 15, 2005  Sucess!

Beautiful spring weather. We left Curry Village at 6:15 a.m. Made it to the summit about 11:15. There were only a few hikers out this early in the year but we had no trouble getting through the snow. The cables were "down", but no this was no problem for us. Back at Curry Village by 5:00.

Joerg Marretsch

Joerg Marretsch - May 15, 2005 11:04 am

Route Climbed: Normal route from Yosemite valley Date Climbed: 06. September 2004  Sucess!

It was a hot and long day. My third trip to Yosemite but at this day i have enough time for this hike.

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