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Martin Cash

Martin Cash - Jul 9, 2003 10:15 am

Route Climbed: Slabs and outside of Cables going up, outside of Cables and Mist Trail coming down Date Climbed: July 5, 2003  Sucess!

Joel and I scrambled up the Slabs below Halfdome's big wall routes then finished by climbing the 5.4 friction moves outside of the cables. The Slabs is a really nice approach with lots of fun scrambling. We free soloed some easy 5th class rock as well. Met some big wall dudes preparing for an ascent of the Regular NW Face route.

The Cables were packed so we did the 5.4 section outside the Cables unroped. I felt a little iffy on the central section that is the steepest, so I climbed right next to the Cable, so I could grab it if I needed to. Lots of people on the summit. Descended outside the Cables with my hand ready to grab the Cable on the steep section. Received about 25 "You guys are f'ing crazy" comments. Glad I brought my rock shoes along.

We descended via the Mist Trail, and really enjoyed the views of the Waterfalls on the way down. I see why that is such a popular hike. We did it car to car in just under 8 hours, though the descent seemed to take forever after we started walking. We ran most of the descent until my achilles and Joel's knee started bothering us. Fun day.


winzeler - Jul 8, 2003 12:15 pm

Route Climbed: The Cables Date Climbed: May 31, 2003  Sucess!

The cables were very crowded and very slow going. Next time I will go earlier to attempt to avoid this.

If you don't want to bring as much water, bring a filter system and get water the fast moving water off the meadow above Nevada Falls (Little Yosemite Valley).


big_g - Jun 30, 2003 10:46 pm Date Climbed: Jun 13, 2003

Route Climbed: Cables  Sucess!

Day 1 of a 18 day JMT thruhike. It was hard humping my gear to the spur trail but at last, I dropped the pack and hit the Half Dome trail. Awesome. Had the summit almost to myself because I was there so late.


kullaberg - Jun 29, 2003 6:02 pm

Route Climbed: NW face, robbins route Date Climbed: may, 89  Sucess!

fine trip. bivy'ed on ledge at pitch 11 and on summit. second multi day bigwall after the collumn. cool temps.


dkantola - Jun 29, 2003 1:29 am

Route Climbed: Mist Trail/Cables/John Muir Trail Date Climbed: August 10, 2002  Sucess!

A very crowded hike, but it's understandable why. Amazing views along the trail of waterfalls, Yosemite Valley, Tenaya Canyon, and the Sierra. Light traffic on the cables going up, but a traffic jam going down.


tonybell1 - Jun 22, 2003 3:32 pm

Route Climbed: Snake Dike Date Climbed: June 16, 2003  Sucess!

Beautiful moderate route though very runout. Climbed it with my 17 yo son.

Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins - Jun 19, 2003 6:52 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Route Date Climbed: June 17, 2003  Sucess!

Steeper on the cables than I had imagined. Fun hike. Great views. Did the Mist Trail there and the JMT back.


rpc - Jun 19, 2003 10:06 am

Route Climbed: Snake Dike Date Climbed: June 18, 2003  Sucess!

My wife and I climbed the Snake Dike route to the top. Perfect weather (though a dark cloud did form/dissipate over us at one point). The approach was long and more of a bushwhack than we expected (the 3rd/4th class stuff was exposed). Arrived expecting crowds but saw no one (on route or during approach!!) - just two of us and a the huge chunk of granite. On pitch two, got passed by two Australians moving quite fast. Pitch three traverse was very exciting (the second bolt on the traverse seems OK, the first bolt is crap). Ran into a free soloer (Al) atop pitch 8. Real nice guy - took some pictures of us. The summit (~6pm) was empty. The cables rotue descent was more than we expected (slippery & steep rock!). The hike out was painful. Whole thing took much longer than we thought it would (mostly due to unpleasant approach). Overall, a beautiful climb we've been wanting to do for a year now!!


395guy - Jun 5, 2003 11:30 pm

Route Climbed: The cables Date Climbed: July 2, 2002  Sucess!

Hot day, but great hike. Now I'm hooked on peak-bagging.


kcmule - Jun 5, 2003 5:21 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Route Date Climbed: Wed May 28, 2003  Sucess!

Incredible hike in a truly unique part of the world. The Mist Trail will amaze you - nothing like two world class waterfalls to help you pass the time on the way up. You will get drenched (think 'horizontal shower') by Vernal if you go in the spring/early summer, but the thunder makes it so worthwhile. The cables section is nothing for most of the visitors to summitpost, but for mortals it can prove to be as much a mental task as physical. The summit is surreal and the views, of course, beyond outstanding. Hike on a mid weekday and you will have a better time - less wait on the cables and more space to yourself on top. Take the JMT on the way back; it offers awesome views of Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap. It's a longer trail but beats going down the stone staircases of the Mist trail.

Michael Tolchard

Michael Tolchard - Jun 5, 2003 1:25 am

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: 26 May 2003  Sucess!

My first trip up Half Dome. Left Lower Pines Campground in the middle of the night and made it to the top before dawn. The roar of Vernal, Neveda, and all the other falls was deafening for the first half of the trip. Had Half Dome all to my self at sunrise on Memorial Day.


wallspeck - May 12, 2003 11:16 pm

Route Climbed: Regular NW face Date Climbed: September 1984  Sucess!

The textbook HORROR story. I met this guy in camp 4...we climbed a few routes and he seemed OK. Went up to Half Dome and started up. He was slow. Wanted to bivy at pitch 8. I argued for pushing to pitch 11 which we did having to climb the last pitch in the dark. He became MR. HYDE, screaming, cursing and going generally beserk. I feared for my life. One more night at BigSandy and then the next day we were off. Whew! What a psycho. Be careful kids.


John - Mar 16, 2003 4:34 am

Route Climbed: Snake Dike Date Climbed: March 8, 2003  Sucess!

Climbed with Bob. Gorgeous day and climb to the top without anyone else to worry about. We had the entire trail, climb, summit, and descent to ourselves. Interesting and fun descent via the snow and ice encrusted Cables Route! Read all about it in my SP trip report.

Bob Burd

Bob Burd - Mar 15, 2003 9:32 pm

Route Climbed: Snake Dike Date Climbed: March 8, 2003  Sucess!

After three previous (failed) winter attempts on Half Dome via the Cable Route, John suggested we try via Snake Dike. Good choice. Very little snow that weekend, more like late spring with gorgeous weather, and we had the route and the entire mountain to ourselves. Going down the cables was the highlight - we walked down the cables until they were too buried in ice to dig out, then rappelled 100ft wearing crampons, and walked down the final 100ft to the shoulder. A summer climb / winter descent. Awesome... Trip Report

Dave K - Dec 22, 2002 9:58 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: May 2001  Sucess!

I climbed this with my good friends, Ed and Mike, on day 4 of a 5 day Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley backpacking trip. It was a great way to blow off steam before I started studying for Bar Exam. Fun climb, but I’m surprised more people haven’t been killed on the cables.

Matthew Holliman

Matthew Holliman - Dec 13, 2002 11:18 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: September 8, 2002  Sucess!

The morning portion of a Half Dome/Clouds Rest dayhike, and my first time hiking up Half Dome. Reached the summit in a bit under three hours from Happy Isles.

This place seemed like a zoo even at ten in the morning; I can't imagine what it must be like later in the day.


mountaineer17 - Dec 1, 2002 3:27 pm

Route Climbed: Cables, Snake Dike Date Climbed: Summer, 2001  Sucess!

Easy Hike, Camped in Little Yosemite Valley. Recommend it to anyone who enjoys backpacking. Later that summer, I climbed the Face. That was pretty easy too. Great Big Wall Climb with spectacular views. Definitely recommend it as long as it isn't too windy, like when I climbed. The ropes were hard to manage.


jonathancamp - Nov 29, 2002 12:26 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: November 24th, 2002  Sucess!

My first time up Half Dome. ~10 hours round trip due to a bum knee. Perfect day, 65 degrees and sunny :)


Johnhl94563 - Nov 26, 2002 7:25 pm

Route Climbed: Cables Date Climbed: 10/11/02  Sucess!

3 day backpacking trip from the Valley with a 1 day day hike up from Little Yosemite Valley. Despite leaving at 8am from LIttle Yosemite Valley we were not the first ones to the top. Great views till about noon, then the smoke from the fires came in. This was the last weekend before the cables came down for the season.


asmrz - Nov 20, 2002 4:00 pm

Route Climbed: Snake Dike Date Climbed: Memorial weekend 1987

Miguel Carmona and I climbed the Snake Dike in 8 hours and 15 minutes RT from our tent at the Upper Pines Camp Ground in 1987. This was a challenge presented to us by our friend and climbing buddy Rich Henke,who previous day climbed in in 8 hours and 40 minutes. We had to beat his time. I remember totally freaking out the turists coming up the cables, when we strolled down in our rock shoes outside the cables. There were people clutching the cables for a dear life, screaming that we will get ourselfs killed; it was such fun.

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