Haller and Thaurer Zunterkopf

Haller and Thaurer Zunterkopf

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 47.31913°N / 11.48458°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 6450 ft / 1966 m
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Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfHaller (left) and Thaurer Zunterkopf

The Inntal range is the southernmost ridge of the Karwendel mountains and is the northern limitation of the Inntal valley around the town of Innsbruck. This range is commonly known by the name “Innsbrucker Nordkette”. There are some very prominent peaks within this range: the two summits of Solsteine, Hohe Warte, Rumerspitze. A famous via ferrata (Innsbrucker Klettersteig) and a frequented hiking trail from Hafelekar cablecar station along the ridge crest are some wellknown highlights of this part of Karwendel.

The eastern part of this range, however, is not very well known among the mountaineers. Summits like Lattenspitze, Wildangerspitze and, in our case, Haller and Thaurer Zunterkopf, will cause more or less astonished looks when named as hiking goals.

Haller and Thaurer Zunterkopf are twin peaks at the very eastern end of the Inntal chain. Both summits are below 2000 m, dwarf pine overgrown with some lush summit meadows and they divide Inntal valley from Halltal valley, the steep tributary valley to the Inntal with the old salt mines. These old mines built once the prosperity of the region and are the cause for the interesting historical village center of Hall.

To the west the two Zunterköpfe are divided from Wildangerspitze by a col named Törl. Törl is the only col between Inntal and the upper Halltal valley.

The altitude differenc from Inntal to the summits is 1.400 meter, from the upper Halltal about 600 m. Even though the summits are not very high the hike from Inntal valley ground is not too short. Very steep slopes and some rugged rockfaces give these two mountains not a too tame appearance. The traverse route has two short rock scramble parts with fixed steel ropes and the traverse trail runs along the brim of the mountain in some parts with spectacular vertiginous views down to Inntal.

But I should not exaggerate: both summits are easy hiking summits with excellent summit views to Halltal chain of Karwendel and to the Inntal and Brenner mountains. You will not meet too many fellow mountaineers, mainly locals. And the summit meadow of Thaurer Zunterkopf is a good place for a long nap in the sun................

Getting There

Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfSummit view to Bettelwurf

Trailheads for the Zunterköpfe are

  • Halltal / Ißbrücke

  • Thaur / Inntal valley

  • Absam / Inntal valley

  • You reach Halltal

  • from Salzburg / Munich / Kufstein by highway number A 8 to Inntal - intersection, A 12 to exit Hall - Mitte (toll road). At the exit Hall - Mitte follow road number 171A to Hall center and road number L225 to Absam and in the direction Gnadenwald. Where this road turns right go straight on on the Halltal road.

  • from Innsbruck / Arlberg by highway A 8 (toll road) to exit Hall Mitte; go on as described above.

  • from Munich (toll free) use highway A 95 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, road number B 11 to Mittenwald and Scharnitz, road number 177 to Zirl and road number 171 to Hall center, passing through the town of Innsbruck. At Hall center do as described above.

  • LattenspitzeHaller Zunterkopf (left) as seen from Inntal valley

    Halltal trailhead

    Current regulations for Halltal (08 / 2014):

    Halltal is closed to public traffic and will be so in the future. This is due to security regulations (landslide areas along the road).

    Actually there is a shuttle bus service on weekends with good weather during the summer months (see schedule and prices here ).

    This bus starts at Absam / Halltal parking area and ends at the Sankt Magdalena mountain inn. With this bus it is possible to reach all the Halltal trailheads without walking or at least with only a short additional walk (Halltal Ißbrücke).

    During the week and in autumn a taxi service is available to the trailheads; prices actually (2014) range from 18 € to 23 € up to 5 persons and 25 € to 30 € up to 8 persons.

    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfHalltal with Sankt Magdalena

    Absam trailhead
    Instead of using Halltal road as described above use the first parking area before arriving at the toll station or turn left before entering Halltal and park at a parking lot near the shooting stands. The trailhead is west of the Halltal road and east of the shooting stands.

    Thaur trailhead
    Parking area at the end of Stollenstraße. Proceed on the dirt road until you reach the parking area. You reach Thaur by using road number L 372 from Innsbruck or from Absam above Hall.

    Route Overview

    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfHaller (left) and Thaurer Zunterkopf as seen from Törltrail)

    Halltal / Sankt Magdalena trail

    Follow the signposts from parking area Issbrücke to Sankt Magdalena on a forest road. Before entering the clearing of Sankt Magdalena a narrow and steep trail starts at your right. Follow this teail to the cross of Hochmahdkopf. Follow the east ridge of Hochmahd to Haller Zunterkopf (some easy rock scramble at the summit block, secured with steel ropes).

    Halltal / Törl trail

    Starting at Issbrücke follow the forest road to Herrenhäuser, the former salt mining center. Follow trail number 216 to Törl. At Törl descend shortly to the east. Take the left trail at the trail junction and ascend to Thaurer Zunterkopf.

    Absam trail

    Follow the narrow and marked trail up to Runstböden, Pfeiferler and Hochmahdkopf. Follow the east ridge of Hochmahd to Haller Zunterkopf (some easy rock scramble at the summit block, secured with steel ropes).

    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfHaller Zunterkopf as seen from Hochmahdkopf - Sankt Magdalena and Absam trail
    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfRock scramble near Haller Zunterkopf
    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfConnecting ridge Haller to Thaurer Zunterkopf

    Thaurer Alm / Törl trail

    Follow the forest road up to Thaurer Alm. You can use the old foottrail (nowadays sort of shortcuts between the switchbacks of the forest road), too. Take the trail to Törl or alternatively to Kaisersäule, a rock feature in the southwest risge of Thaurer Zunterkopf. Before reaching Törl, take the right hand trail up to Thaurer Zunterkopf. The alternative trail to Kaisersäule directly continues to the Thaurer Zunterkopf summit.

    Haller Zunterkopf to Thaurer Zunterkopf

    This is a delightful and short traverse on a good trail with some spectacular views to the Bettelwurf - Lafatscher range of Karwendel and to Inntal and the southern mountain ranges. A short rock scramble section is secured with a steel rope.
    All trails can be combined to nice traverses of these summits.

    Red Tape & Accommodation

    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfHaller Zunterkopf and Bettelwurf

    Red Tape

    Haller and Thaurer Zunterkopf are part of the “Alpenpark Karwendel”, an important and strictly protected national park.

    There is no entrance fee for the park but many regulations to follow.

    There is a National Park Information Center at Hinterriß.
    The road to Halltal is a toll road with restricted parking areas which should be respected.


    Camping is not allowed within Alpenpark Karwendel.

    Food and lodging can be found in

  • Innsbruck

  • Hall in Tirol

  • Mountain huts

  • Thaurer Alm

  • Mountain inn Sankt Magdalena / Halltal (no overnight stay)

  • Herrenhäuser / Knappenhäuser / Halltal (old salt mining inn; no overnight stay)

  • Gear & Mountain Condition

    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfWildflowers of Zunterköpfe: Parnassia palustris

    Haller and Thaurer Zunterkopf are mainly a late spring, summer and autumn hike.

    Maybe Thaurer Zunterkopf is summited with skies via Thaurer Alm, too.

    Normal hiking gear and good shoes are sufficient.

    Current Weather:

    Map and Guide Book

    Haller and Thaurer ZunterkopfSankt Magdalena and Absam trail near Thaurer Zunterkopf summit


    Alpenvereinskarte, 1 : 25.000, Karwendelgebirge, Mittleres Blatt, number 5/2, 2008

    Alpenvereinskarte, 1 : 50.000, Innsbruck und Umgebung

    Guide Book

    Walter Klier: Karwendel alpin, Alpenvereinsführer, Bergverlag Rother, München, 16th edition, 2011