Hancock Hill

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Hancock Hill
Created On: May 16, 2010
Last Edited On: May 16, 2010


Downtown Boston from Hancock...

Hancock Hill, though not as well known as Great Blue Hill has arguably the best views of Downtown Boston. With the summit only being partially forested I have often found myself getting some of the best views of the skyline from this summit. Another adventage to this summit is that it does not have the traffic that some of the other hills have.

Hancock Hill is just short but steeper 0.5 hike from Reservation Headquaters and can be done in conjuction with many of the other hills in the region. Though not directly on the Skyline Trail this summit is very easy to get to off of the Skyline Trail via a number of side trails. For more information and the ability to obtain a map of the region stop by the Park Headquarters. They usually will have a map located just on the outside.

Great Blue Hill from Hancock...

Getting There

VIA THE RESERVATION HEADQUARTERS: From I-93 take Blue Hills River Road North (Exit 3) roughly a half mile to Hillside Street. Make a right on Hillside Street and continue until you reach the Reservation Headquarters (on your left) right by the Massachusetts Police Station. Parking will be on both your left or your right.

Red Tape

There are no fees at the park. However the park is only open sunrise to sundown.


There are no fees at the park. However the park is only open sunrise to sundown.

External Links

Here are a number of different numbers for more information.

Blue Hills Reservation
Blue Hills Trailside Museum (617) 333-0690
Park Number 617-722-1188
Blue Hills TrailWatch (617) 698-1802.