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Colorado, United States, North America
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Aug 15, 2004
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Created On: Sep 3, 2004
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The hiking book said Quandary Peak is a class 1, but it is not. It is at least class 2. I joined event caller Colorado Ham 14er in which amature radio operators can hike up to any a 14er peak to contact another ham radio operator(s) on another peak. My friend (Mark) and I decided to climb Quandary Peak. The day before, I hiked up to Mt. Massive. I thought I could not made it to the top. But I did it. On August 15, we waked up at 3:30am at the city of Edgewater near Denver. I drove to the trail head, we got lost many time. Mark helped to look at the map, and finally we could find the trail head. We arrive at the trailhead at about 6:00am. The parking lot was almost full. I told Mark that he didn't have to wait for me because I was very tire of the Mt. Massive hike. So, he took off with his dog. I was huffing and puffing. The first couple mile is very easy. I think all the 14er are like that-- the first is easy and later is hard. Above the treeline are very steep and rocky. But the trail is well mark. They were so many hiker at that day. So many people passed by me-- some old one and some young one. Many time, I was thinking "Should I continued or not.??". Thank for my hike stick, without that--- I didn't think I could hike up there. I summitted at Quandary Peak at about 10:30am and Mark might summit way before me. So many hiker were already there at the summit and ready to come down. Therefore, you never get lost on these trail. We stayed at the peak and played with amature radios, had my lunch and took some nice pictures. I headed down at about 11:30 am. I knew Mark would catch me soon. On the way down, there were tiny hail storm--just a little ice drop last for half hour or so. It was windy. But I didn't bother me, so I continued head down. I got back to the car at about 2 or 3 o'clock. Mark and his dog were waiting for me for many, many minutes. I told Mark that we should have Prime Rib for dinner to celebrat our achivement. So, we had T-bone steak after that. I had a good time hiking and playing with radios. May next year, we will try another peak.


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