Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

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Head Smashed In Buffalo JumpAt the top of the Cliffs
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump is the name given to this ancient buffalo hunting site in the Porcupine Hills, Southern Alberta. Located 18 km north & west of Fort Macleod this is a very powerful place to the Plains Indians. A World Heritage site, Head Smashed In, is world reknowned for studying hunting practices by native people of the North American plains.

For nearly 6000 years prehistoric people and later the plains Indians understanding of bison behavior, allowed the killing of buffalo by chasing or herding them over the nearby cliffs and subsequent carving up the carcasses in the camp below. The buffalo's poor eyesight contributed to this. The hunters would cover themselves in wolf skins and crawl near near the grazing herd. They would then startle the buffalo into stampeding in the direction of the drop off. Horses would also be used. Once the herd was on the move there was no stopping it.

For hundreds of years buffalo bones littered the landscape. At the turn of the century the site began to be plundered of bones and artifacts. An excellent interpretation centre houses some of these relics. At one point many of the bones were lost as they were mined for the making of munitions for the First World War. It is now illegal to remove anything from the area.

In 1981, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated the jump as a World Heritage Site.

Getting there

Buffalo sBuffalo
From Calgary the the Deerfoot (route 2) south towards Fort Macleod. Follow the well signed exit (Highway 785 West) west to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump in the Procupine Hills. If you reach highway 3 you have gone too far and will have to retrace tor route a bit. Park in the lot below the centre. There is a shuttle to take you up the hill should you need this.

Red tape and inquiries

Head Smashed In Buffalo JumpThe Tipi at Head Smashed In.
For more information contact:
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
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Hours of operation: Open 7 days per week
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Under 7: Free
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Group discounts are available for pre-booked tours of 15 people or more.
To book tours directly, e-mail: info@head-smashed-in.com.

Camping and Hotel accomodation

Head Smashed In Buffalo JumpThe Tipi


You can stay near the site in Tipis
Contact: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.
Phone 403-553-2731 and ask for Tipi Camp Bookings or email info@head-smashed-in.com

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