Heart Tank

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Heart Tank
Created On: Nov 17, 2006
Last Edited On: Nov 17, 2006

Route Description

From the start of the primitive road, it is a 7-mile walk to the “Guzzler” at 1,100'. The road gains less than 200' during its 7-mile course. Walk along the flat road to the Guzzler. The Guzzler is some sort of wildlife watering hole. Heart Tank is just in front of you up in the cliffs somewhere, but we were never able to figure out exactly where. This area is a good spot to camp out for the night, but there is no water.

Walk to the head of the Heart Tank drainage, and turn right here. Start climbing up this drainage. The topo map has 20' contours, so the map is a mess, but you don’t really need it. Your goal is to climb up the drainage to the ridge crest just to the left of the summit. The climb is short but steep, and the drainage is rugged and rocky. The vegetation is also thorny. There is no one route that must be chosen. We went pretty much straight up the drainage. If you aim further to the left and hit the ridge at a lower elevation, the route seems to be slightly more moderate. Either way, climb up to the ridge. There are some cliffs and dry waterfalls along the way, but they can either be climbed or bypassed.

Once you reach the rugged ridge, turn right and head for the top. There are cliffs on the other side of the ridge. Make the final push to the summit, where you can enjoy the desert views.

Hiking Distance: About 17 miles round trip.
Elevation Gain: About 2,100'.

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Dartmouth Hiker

Dartmouth Hiker - Jan 11, 2011 11:47 pm - Hasn't voted

Road length

Having measured it out, the road in is actually ~7.9 miles. However, from the Guzzler it's roughly just under a mile to the top.

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Heart Tank

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