Heart Trail

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 35.24120°N / 111.5968°W
Route Type: Hike
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Walk-up


Start from the Sandy Seep Trailhead, located off 89a...about a mile east of the Eldon Lookout Trailhead...

About 1.5 miles north on the Sandy Seep trail, you'll see a sign for the "Heart Trail" (a.k.a Red Hill). This continues on to the top of the Eldon Formation until you hit the "Sunset Trail" which will traverse west and merge with the Eldon Lookout near the lookout...or picnic in the ponderosa's at top and come back down...either way this UNCROWDED Eldon Trail is Great.

Route Description

The non-exposed ascent is not as steep as the Lookout Trail, nonetheless it is relatively difficult...AFAIK, the trail is not maintained but is quite clear and findable all the way to the "Sunset Trail" junction...about 2 miles.

Follows the contours up to Red Hill and then continues to switchback to the top of the Eldon Formation...

Personally, this is a better Eldon Trail, although if your goal is the Lookout Tower, it's a more lengthy means....(the great loop going up Heart and down Lookout would be well over 10 miles...I just recently did this and it was great!!)

Goes throught the barren acres from the famous "Lookout Fire" in the 70's so your views are unubstructed and plentiful thoughout....

The catwalk west from the "Sunset Trail" is spectacular as you travel along the top of Eldon through Ponderosa's with great south-eastern views...

This is trail is also lesser know and rarely used, so you'll 'beat the crowds'.

Essential Gear

Good Boots...seems to be a rather rocky and crumbly trail.

Miscellaneous Info

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