High Dr/Capt Jacks - Standard

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Colorado, United States, North America
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Hiking, Bouldering
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Less than two hours
Class 1/Summit boulder is Class 5

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High Dr/Capt Jacks - Standard
Created On: Jul 29, 2007
Last Edited On: Jan 12, 2009


Distance - 1.8 miles (one-way)
Trailhead Elevation - 7500'
Summit Elevation - 8380'
Gain - 880'

Getting There

See the "Getting There" section on the Mount Buckhorn main page.

Route Description

Depart from the trailhead heading east up High Drive. There are two roads; High Drive that heads east and up the hill and Gold Camp Road which is just south and slopes downhill. Hike up High Drive for 1.0 miles to reach the top (elev 7900'). At this point you intersect Capt Jacks Trail. Turn left (west) and you will see some signs and a gate, this is Capt Jacks trail. The trail starts out heading south.

Leaving High DrThis is where you leave High Dr and start on Capt Jacks trail

After 0.4 miles the trail will abruptly turn back to the north. Keep going for another 0.1 miles until you see the trail split. One trail will slope downhill further west while the other trail heads up a ridge further east. Take the right (east) trail.

Capt Jacks turn offThis is where you leave Capt Jacks trail. Take the right fork to the summit.

The trail is more faint at this point but you should not have a problem following it. Follow this trail for another 0.3 miles to the summit area. Along the way you will see a large pit. Immediately after the pit the trail splits again. You can follow either trail as they both reach the summit.

Buckhorn Ridge PitThe large pit on the summit ridge of Mount Buckhorn
Summit Ridge TrailsFollow either trail to the summit area of Mount Buckhorn

Once you see a small clearing with many boulders and one extremely large boulder you are at the summit area. Unless you plan on climbing the summit boulder this is as far as you can go. If you want to climb the summit boulder it will involve class 5 climbing. There are many other boulders in the area that could provide an enjoyable scramble and good views of the area.

Summit BoulderThe summit boulder of Mount Buckhorn

Essential Gear

Typical gear for a short hike. If you plan on climbing the summit boulder you will need climbing shoes and a crash pad at a minimum. You may want to bring a rope and something to build an anchor with as well.

High Dr/Capt Jacks - Standard

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