High on the N face of the Mutmalspitze, with Fluchtkogel and Kreuzspitze in the distance

About 12 km away, the white Fluchtkogel (3497m) offers a very easy glacier climb. The final summit push for the normal route is by the glacier slope that comes from the left; just a thin line of that glacier is visible from this point of view.

Much closer, less than 5 km to the NW, lies the Kreuzspitze (3457m), the dark pointed rocky peak near the right edge of the photo. You might not think so from this photo, but the normal route requires no climbing. It's a steep hiking trail, and the final stretch is by the ridge to the right of the summit. Sure, it's a bit steep, but not as much as this photo suggests and you can still walk there to get to the summit.

12 July 2012.


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