High via of the Adamello / Alta via dell

High via of the Adamello / Alta via dell

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Additional Information Route Type: Alpine Route
Additional Information Time Required: A few days
Additional Information Difficulty: Excursion of medium difficulty
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Dedicated to its ideatore and producer Renato Floreancich, singular figure of hiker, recently scomparso, than in decades of activity it has visited and disclosed bresciane mountains, this along route, known also with 1' name of "path n° 1", crosses and it visits all the valleys of the western field of the group of the Adamello discovering some the landscaped, naturalistic and historical characteristics. Moving from one of the two shelters you mail to the extremity of the route, the Rif. G.Rosa, or the RiI. Garibaldi, can be covered the path in the sense South-North or viceversa enjoying however for the arrogant contrasts various atmospheres. We have preferred to describe to the route in the sense South-North because he has given the feeling to us to cover nearly one via of climb concurring moreover to us graduates them approach to the beautifulst mountain of the group: the M. Adamello exactly. Frazionando the distance in more stages the High one Via of the Adamello does not turn out to be at all laborious, moreover since it does not introduce particularly difficult features (more impervi have been equips to you with ropes) is to the every capacity of discreet hiker. A fragment of rope of 25 m and one piccozza equip usual I' sufficiently equipment hiker.

Route Description

First Day

The Ref. Gabriel Rose can be caught up the previous day or the same day with the It. n. 82 or 83. The stage is long and a humdrum, easy only in the first third party when it is maintained on the military mule lì steep feature of the Bocchetta Brescia, equipped with metallic ropes demands attention and is exposed to hail of is known.

From the ref. G. Rose (2355 m) lets on the left the lago and the military mule is taken that, on the counterfort of the Common one of Blumone, they with comfortable hairpin curves for the stony ground of a wide Walloon knows, approaches to steep cliffs of the northern depositor of the Cornone di Blunone and to the end it catches up sometimes on the left (on snow) the Step of Blumone (2633 m; 0,45 h). From the Step, following obvious the identifying one, continues towards long North the flanks orients them of Lajone Top and, left on the right the path n. 27 for the Casinello di Blunone, quota gets lost gradually. To slip the wide saddleback between Top Lajone c the cliff of Lajone is still continued towards North on stony ground until catching up the crest that to East digrada from the M. Listino, where numerous they are the ruin i of fortifications and reduced soldiers. One is to quote 2540 m, in privileged panoramic position on the Val di Leno; the path lets right n. 32 that on the trace of very conserved mule soldier it comes down to the Step of the Term, in order to always cover with direction immense North the extended one. Gradually losing quota between cliffs spaced out to strisce grassy us door to the base of the spur orients them of the Rossola di Predona, meeting little before providential sources (2260 m; 1.45-2,3(1 h). Gone around the spur it is continued for a collection vessel from which they to a carving (erroneously indicated knows itself, with written in varnish on a stone, as a Step of the Rossola) from which she shows oneself to us to the immense one vessel of the Gellino or Predona (2300 m). In front of we erge the full of rocks fortification of the M. Re di Castello who closes to settentrione the vessel; to its left, confused on coastal combining the Dernal Top with the Top of the Gellino, the Bocchetta Brescia is opened impervious. In direction of this it is come down for a hanging path that little after gets lost on the stony ground; making then much attention to the segnavia (in this drawn all the 1990- much insufficient) quote is earned, therefore, exceeded a sinking, the stony ground to the base of the Bocchetta Brescia (between these pietraie are continued towards North without shunting lines catching up to the end have been proceeds, under an enormous one masso, a shelter R-di.fortuna that it is indicated with a pronounced one I omit of is known sourmount from canes in iron; it and place approximately 30 m to right of one large one boulder marked from varnish white woman). the wall of access to the Bocchetta is steep. but facilitated for all its length from metallic ropes; particular attention is made, towards the top, not to move pericolanti stones. Caught up the Bocchetta Brescia (2717m; 2-4,30 h) one shows oneself to us to Goes them of Dois, to whose head, place in the pressed ones of the Dernal Step, and place the rif. Maria and Franc. With sufficient visibility even if the slops below they were completely covered in snow and the signature hidden not there are problems in the choice of the distance; various, with fog, they could be born of the uncertainties; in such case at first to lose quota in N direction - Or for one 50 of meters of unevenness, therefore to go decidedly towards North being continued to lose quote, from last, favouring the course of the land, newly towards N - Or until catching up shelter (2574 m; 0,30-5 h)

Second day

Draft of one of the more evocative stages of the entire distance even if impegnativ (passages more impervious are however equip to you with metallic ropes). Magnificent it is the feature that covers the crest of Ignaga where an aerial military path very conserved us concurs a blow of exceptional eye on the M. High Carè.

From the ref. Maria and valica Franc the neighbor Dernal Step and comes down itself for the stony ground of the ridge that he closes on the left the Val Ghirlanda dov' is the small Dernal Lago. One lets on left the path n. 33 that he leads to the lago of Arno in order to come down to right to the emissary of small small lake 2478 m. From the opposite part laughed them a short feature therefore is continued with continuous ups and downs in direction OF crossing the pietraie of the immense one conca of M the King of Castle (after unexpected snowed the path, although it traces the trace of very conserved mulattiera soldier, could become of difficult location) until reaches itself to a crossroad in the pressed ones of the indenten crest of Sega d' Arno (little more over opens the characteristic Step of the Cat). The path that Re di Castello knows them in direction of the M. in order to continue towards North for the aerial path, than suspended on the conca of the Lago of Arno lets the shoulders, along Sega d' Arno (to the beginning, an exposed passage more, it is facilitated from a chain), and catches up the Step of Field (2288 m; l h) (little before the step with a short shunting line the numerous trinceramenti of the Great War can be visited). From the Step it is covered to average costs scosceso the depositor orients them of the Horn of the Old one until catching up the jump of the Cascade of Avolo, where fixed ropes facilitate the passage. Beyond the cascade the path, exceeded a feature scosceso and more resting grassy backs, lands to the delicious Lago of Avolo 2393 m, collected to the base of the depositor it orients them of the M. Campellio and that southern rovinoso of the M. Marosso. From the sight he is particularly happy here on the below conca of the l. of Field that occhieggia between the green, much more low. The lago of Avolo is gone around remaining on the thread of the moraine that the slab to IF in order then to rimontare the steep one ganda that to duce to the saddleback of the Step of Avolo (2556 m; 1,10-2,10 h). A short feature of the southern crest of the M. Marosso is known them along the military mulattiera, therefore its goes itself in light long reduction Southeastern depositor until, after a short one gone back, it touches the Ignaga Step with ruderi of reduced and military fortifications (2525 m; 0,20-2,30 h). From the step, exceptional balcony from a part on VaI di Fumo and from the other on VaI Saviore, is continued for the military path, at times flanked from stone walls, than it is kept mostly on the northern depositor of the Crest of ignaga exceeding also equipped drawn exposing with ropes. To the military path of it it follows an other of recent construction, that it continues to average coast for the exposed western depositor of the M. Ignaga going around some numerous the grassy ribbings. A short full of rocks feature comes down it helping itself with a fixed rope after which the thread of one is caught up by now pronounced much panoramic ridge on the Val Adamè and in sight of the rif. C.A.I. Lissone that rises to the entrance of this. After to have come down a steep feature on fixed ropes smoothed down cliffs () and crossed a franoso channel the path orrizontalmente continue in direction of the Shelter passing between channels and steep cliffs (fixed ropes) until to the end s' immette on the wide narrow lane that in little minuteren concurs to catch up the rif easily. C.A.I. Lissone (2017 m; 2-4,30 h).

Third day

The gone back one of the "skillful Coster of" delta You go Adamè is rather laborious; however once caught up the Poia Step us repays with pregevole panorama. Beyond the Poia Step, on the depositor of the V.Salarno, a nevaietto it could create problems if of hard or ghiacciata snow. Profit the piccozza.

From the rif. CAI Lissone (2017 m) crosses the Poia torrent of the Adamè sometimes and it is continued for the left pianeggiante fondovalle. on left the near Mountain barn Adamè (2002 m) continues for the comfortable path between pietraie and swampy features until the two small letters malghette (New Mountain huts 2107 m) from where to right the paths are detached n. 30 and n. 36. The path n. 1 continues for comfortable fondovalle costeggiando the torrent until catches up immense extended of the large masses under one of which (Cocì of the Manzoler) was gained a poor shelter for mandriani and shepherds (2130 m; 1 h). The fondovalle is abandoned in order to go back on the left on grassy land the steep flank of the valley that lets only here to storm. A species of channel is followed that, man hand knows them, it is shrunk and it become more and more steep. Exceeded a throttling the land is opened, but still for a short feature it remains steep until touches the ganda of the "Coster". Following the numerous ones it marks traced them on the blocks crosses the uneven shelf in direction of the Poia Step that opens obvious between the Tops of Frampola (to South) and those of Poia (to North) (on paper I.G.M. 1/50.000 f.58. M..Adamello, the Frampola Top does not come cited and to its place the Top of Poia is indicated. On paper I.G.M. 1/25.000 f.20, M. Adamello, the two tops instead are placed in their just order). At first one comes near to the base of the Southeastern spur of the Northern Top of Frampola, in order then to take the channel detritico that door to the Step Poia (2775 m) (second paper I.G.M. 1/50.000 f. 58), or (2810 m) (second paper I.G.M. 1/25.000 f. 20) (2,15-3,15 h). One look to the cupola of the M. Adamello and to the beautiful granitiche walls of VaI Salarno, therefore down directly heading for the "Coster of left" of the Val Salarno. A nevaietto is crossed that it could create some problem if of hard snow or ice therefore is continued on gandoso land until carrying itself on the hem of the "Coster" from where on the trace of the path marked hour is come down for a steep channel that ends up on the flat verdeggiante of the fondovalle. Fold on the left, and crossed all the flat one, us door to the opposite extremity where the rif rises. Prudenzini (2225 m; 1,304,45 h).

Fourth day

E' a stage a po' repetitive of that previous one. them distance is a Pò disagevole because it is kept on a ganda of large blocks that demand equilibrium and attention. Also the canalino endured after the Miller Step he is impervio and slippery. Rather than to make pause the rif. Gnutti is preferred to catch up in the same day the rif. Tonolini place on the route of the fifth stage, in order to shorten the long stage of the sucessivo day.

From the rif. Prudenzini (2225 m), knows them to mount of this, on the trace of the path that covers the rovinosa skillful flank of goes them. It crosses the sfasciumi to you of a recent landslide is continued for grassy blocks and cenge until earning the hem of the "Coster of right", on which it detaches the pyramidal shape of the Prudenzini Top. Crosspiece oblique and without difficulty the shelf of the "Coster" aiming in direction to the base of the spur south does not orient them of the Prudenzini Top. Gone around it the segnavia are followed that as a thread of Arianna, indicates us the sure road in the labyrinth of the enormous blocks that precede the canalone of access to the Miller Step. This is caught up after a last feature on steep land and in grassy part (2818 m; 2h). From the carving it is come down initially on the Val Miller for a detritico channel and impervio, therefore for successive ganda of the Walloon comprised between spur N-N-O of the C.no di Macesso and the that one NOT of the Prudenzini Top. More under one comes near to the spur of the Prudenzini Top, therefore escapes from the channel, it is continued on easyr land. Crossed, the end, the Remulo torrent tip to the Miller Lago and costeggiata some, on comfortable path, the northern side, is reached the Shelter, place in the pressed ones of the dam of lago (2166 m; 1,30-3,30 h).Dal rif. Gnutti (2166 m) the path n. It comfortably continues to average long coast the steep southern depositor of the C. of the Lago and on cenge exposed (fixed ropes) does not catch up the characteristic Step of Cat (2103 you), after which it takes to go up until Mansions ENEL to the dam of the lago Baitone (2283 m; 1 h). The side is continued in plan costeggiando orients them of the immense lago, therefore the successive verdeggiante is crossed conca, and finally the steep step is gained with some coils on whose top is perched the Rif. Tonolini (2450 m; 0,50-1,50 h).

fifth day

E' the stage longer, but more spectacular for the sight that enjoys on the imposing granitiche walls the M. Adamello. It does not introduce particular difficulties if not in the overcoming of the Step of the Premassone (metallic ropes) and long impervio the channel of the Bocchetta of the Marsh. From the rif. Garibaldi can be come down to Temù in Val Camonica with the It. n. 14.

Draft of the first shelter constructed in the group of the Adamello lets the likeable shelter () and after to have costeggiato the side it orients them of close Round Lago, whose name already characterizes it, it is continued in East direction for the immense Walloon dominated from massiccia Plem Top. Hour cutting to average coast is earned quota pendii grassy hour passing between large masses; more low on the right the Lago is noticed White man, more over detaches to right the path n. 31 directed to the Step of the Crystal; still little and foot is put on the pietraie of the Lago of Premassone. lì path to scompare must follow the segnavia faithfully that with emergency they carry to us on the sides of Lago (2719 m). From the Step of Premassone it is here to capacity of hand and gone around the lago, with a last hard work, alternating plates smoothed down to cengette grassy, if of it it touches full of rocks saddleback (2847 m; 1,40-3,30 h). (On the paper I.G.M. l/50.000 f.n. 058, M. Adamello, the Premassone Step is not indicated; to its place there is the Aviation Step. but quoted 2890 m). A pause is of obligation if other in order not to admire the strabiliante western wall of the M. Adamello resting on decorating with arabesques vedretta. Beyond the Step it must come down with precaution because the cliffs are steep, however opportunely equipped with fixed ropes To the end puts foot on the below ganda for which end is come down directly when one is touched species of terrazzo grassy. From it is continued here in reduction resting on the left until touches the side of the Lago of the Marsh, in the pressed ones of dam (2379 m; 1, 30-5 h). The dam is crossed and, to the opposite extremity, left the houses of the guardiani, is resumed to go up on grassy backs in direction of the Bocchetta of the Marsh (said also "of the Monday), small carving on the crest the west of the M. Adamello that separates the conca of the Marsh from that one of the Venerocolo. A steep channel concurs to catch up carving (2650 m; 1-6 h), from here ridiscende along the depositor opposite for equally a steep one and embedded channel. North is continued for the moraine of the Vedretta of the Venerocolo in direction until crossed the waters, sometimes impetuous, of the torrent that originates from this vedretta, goes around the high moraine of control of the same one until catching up the Venerocolo Step. For successive the long and sinuosa dam finally us door to the rif. Garibaldi (2553 m) in i whose pressed has been placed a plate to memory of R.FIoreancich, ideatore c producer of the High one Via of Adamello (2548 m; 0,30-6,30 h). Here this beautifulst route ends.

Essential Gear

This is a route that is always carried out over the 2000 mt. and therefore it is necessary to have with if an equipment from high mountain. They are necessary crampons and picozza in some the features to second of the period and the innevamento in quota. For the feeding seen problems would not have are to us the numerous shelters of the zone. Fundamental E' an optimal physical training seen the duration of the route.

Miscellaneous Info

If you have information about this route that doesn't pertain to any of the other sections, please add it here.
I am not English and unfortunately I do not know Your language. I have translate my route with babel fish translation and have corrected some terms not translate. I have put all the my engagement, but sure there will be many inexact words. If some person wants to correct it of I would be pleasing. Thanks, Tiziano



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