Highline-trail above the Rosanin valley

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Highline-trail above the Rosanin valley
Created On: Jun 27, 2007
Last Edited On: Jun 28, 2007


There are many fine routes to Koenigstuhl. The hereinafter described one is a long route, but going this way one can truly admire the wonderful width and frankness of the Nockberge. Plus you will have the rare chance to hike on seven(!) summits on one day without further exertions:

  • Grünleitennock 2160 m

  • Königstuhl 2336 m

  • Friesenhalshöhe 2246 m

  • Seenock 2260 m

  • Vogelsangberg 2207 m

  • Sauereggnock 2240 m

  • Stubennock 2092 m

As you can see the way from Koenigstuhl to Stubennock is almost always moving at a constant height. Thus Friesenhalshöhe and Vogelsangberg cannot really be characterized as mountains but the overwhelming vista on this highline-trail makes you forget this little flaw fast.


To really enjoy this route you have to bear in mind that the Nockberge area is definitely no rocky range! Despite of the marketing slogan of the “Nocky Mountains” you will have grassy hills for the very most time. Grünleitennock even is a mere grass-bump. As a result it is possible to hike that way even under bad circumstances, because the ridge is very broad and there are no dangerous or exposed parts.



Since I consider the grading of hiking routes by SP member Vid Pogachnik a very good idea here an additional description with this gradings:

General: 1480 m to 2092 m, exposition E and N, marked, protection not necessary, grass (except of Koenigstuhl, there will be some crag)
Effort: 1100 m, 6 to 7h (with Koenigstuhl)
Power: 1 – no difficulties
Psyche: 1 – no difficulties
Orientation: 1 – no difficulties

Route Description

The car can be left in Innerkrems at the cable station. At first you follow the steep ascend to Sauereggalm (way #116) then way #119 branches off to the west and heads via a saddle to the good visible summit of Grünleitennock. The last few metres a faint path leads to the (higher) southern summit of Grünleitennock. While the northern summit is misshapened by a cable station the southern summit provides a great panoramic view and an almost Scottish landscape and solitude.

The further way then leads back to the saddle and straight on to Koenigstuhl. The path is quite comfortable and easy to walk and you can see far away to the south and deep into the range of the Nockberge.

Koenigstuhl and KarlnockKoenigstuhl and Karlnock
On the highline-trail above RosaninFriesenhalshöhe

Below Koenigstuhl the little lake Friesenhalssee is situated. Here the highline-trail branches off in northern direction. You will gain some height ascending to Friesenhalshöhe to linger on a snug way high above the valley of the Rosanin.
Later on the descend from Sauereggnock will be a little steeper but it’s not exposed. A sort of titbit is the final ascend to Stubennock which is located north of the ridge. From here the way leads to the west, first hardly visible and later as a broad way back to Innerkrems. On the way downhill you can find a mountain nature trial with boards that will spend information about mining, which was done in this area some centuries ago.

Map of the western Koenigstuhl area

Red tape

There is no red tape.


There are no inns or huts situated on this route. The only possibilities for food and water are at Innerkrems where is also a huge amount of hotels and pensions.

Maps & books

Map: Kompass 67 – Lungau, Radstädter Tauern 1:50 000

Book: Nockberge – Nationalpark und Gurktaler Alpen, Rother Bergverlag, ISBN 3-7633-4286-9

Highline-trail above the Rosanin valley

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