Hike to Vlkolínec

The village of Vlkolínec is on the World Heritage List.

You can get to the site by car but you can also come on foot or by bike via marked trail.

Ours was the shortest of our hikes that summer, a few years ago. It took just about 3 hours plus about an hour of sightseeing in the village. The route was a funny city-country-city loop. It begins at the railway station in the city of Ružomberok, which has preserved much of the bleak looks of an industrial town of the communist era. You might find this exotic if you come from the West. In a nutshell, you walk along the streets, then through garden plots, and along the edge of a deep forest which ends miles away at the other end of the Veľká Fatra Mts.

You will find
more photos of Vlkolínec here.


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