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Location Lat/Lon: 47.65741°N / 11.94098°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6178 ft / 1883 m
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HochmiesingHochmiesing as seen from Taubensteinhaus

The mountains around busy and beautiful Schliersee within the Bavarian Prealps culminate with Rotwand summit. As Rotwand is an easy hike and well accessible from Spitzingsee trailheads and as there is Rotwandhaus, a huge alpine club hut and as there is the Taubensteinbahn>Taubenstein cableway not far away and as there is an endless view from the top of Rotwand and as it is a summer, autumn, winter and spring (ski-, snowshoe, sled-) hike, it is, you will know or guess it already, unbearable crowded.

If you look for peace and tranquility in this region I recommend the second highest mountain of Schliersee Alps: Hochmiesing.

Rotwand is only 1 meter higher so the views from neighbouring Hochmiesing are similar to those of Rotwand. Hochmiesing is an all seasons hike, too (ski, snowshoes or feet, no sleds - sorry for this invconvenience), an easy one and well accessible. Taubenstein cableway is not far away and as alpine club hut there is nearby Taubensteinhaus.

So why is Hochmiesing a forgotten corner whereas Rotwand has this attraction?

I tell you what: I couldn´t care less about that.

I simply love lying at the top of Hochmiesing on a nice summer day, nobody is babbling, the cowbells are ringing in the distance and tons of people are fighting for a place at Rotwand summit, which can be observed best from Hochmiesing .........

Hochmiesing is located north of Rotwand summit and north of the col Miesingsattel, limited by Großtiefental in the south and west and Kleintiefental in the north and east. It is the highest elevation of a subridge, branching off Rotwand summit to the north and dropping down to the little village of Geitau located in the Bayrischzell valley.

Surrounded by mainly minor peaks and summits, like Taubenstein and Lempersberg to the west and southwest, Jägerkamp and Aiplspitze to the north, Seebergspitze to the east and Ruchenköpfe, Maroldschneid and Auerspitze to the south, Hochmiesing is one of the best viewpoints of this area.

Maybe in winter and early spring Hochmiesing is frequented most because the summit can easily be included into the Rotwand Reibn, the famous skitour loop around and atop Rotwand. In summer and autumn there will be less people on the summit. A hike up Kleintiefental and down to Großtiefental and to the beautiful Soinsee on a warm and bright summer day is a nice thing to do .....

Getting There

HochmiesingRotwand north face as seen from Hochmiesing

Main summer and winter trailheads for Hochmiesing are:

Geitau near Bayrischzell

From Munich

  • use highway A 8 to the exit “Weyarn” and road number St2076 to Miesbach; take there B472, then B307 in the direction of Schliersee and Bayrischzell. Drive through Hausham, Schliersee and Neuhaus until you reach the intersection with the road to Spitzingsee. Follow this road up to Spitzingsee and park your car at the Taubenstein cable car parking lot or at the parking area near the end of the road.

  • for the trailhead Geitau go straight on B307 at the intersection with the Spitzingsee road, pass Aurach until you reach the intersection with the road to Geitau. Follow this short road to the little village. There are parking possibilities for hikers near Gasthaus Rote Wand or Gasthaus Aiplspitz. Please respect the parking areas of the inn guests.

  • From Innsbruck or Kufstein

  • or Inntal valley leave the highway A 12 (toll road in Austria) at the exit Oberaudorf and follow the road number St 2093 to Oberaudorf and St 2089 to Reisach. At Reisach take the left road to Tatzelwurm where you reach B 307. Follow B 307 to Sudelfeld and down to Bayrischzell. Proceed to Geitau or to the road intersection and to Spitzingsee.

  • Railway

    The private railway BOB - Bayerische Oberlandbahn has hourly services from Munich to Bayrischzell. If you do so, best trailhead will be Geitau. There is a railway station of the BOB at Geitau, about 600 m away from the trailhead.

  • See the BOB railway schedule here .

  • Main Routes Overview

    HochmiesingHochmiesing seen far away from Brünnstein

    Trailheads are:

  • Geitau

  • Spitzingsee parking areas

  • From Geitau
    Follow the forest road from Geitau parking area to Mieseben. Keep right at the first forest road junction and proceed to the second one.

  • Take the forest road to the right ascending up the Krottenthaler Graben – direction to Taubenstein Haus. At a trail junction take the left hand trail to Kleintiefentalalm and up to Miesingsattel.

  • Alternatively take the left forest road at the second junction and ascend to Untersteilen Alm, Schellenbergalm and to the beautiful Soinsee. Take the right hand trail there and proceed up to Großtiefental Alm. Follow the meadows up to Miesingsattel.

  • At Miesingsattel follow the trail up the south ridge through dense dwarf pines to the vast summit plateau and to the summit.

    From Spitzingsee
    There are several routes up to Hochmiesing; each of them can be combined with other summits of the area to an interesting loop hike, including Rotwand, Lempersberg, Taubenstein, Rauhkopf, Aiplspitze, Jägerkamp.

  • From Spitzingsattel follow the forest roads and trails up Lochgraben to Taubenstein summit station (Jägerkamp, Aiplspitze, Rauheck and Taubenstein can be summited); from Taubenstein summit station proceed to Taubensteinhaus, descend to Kleintiefentalalm and follow the trails up to Miesingsattel and Hochmiesing.

  • From Spitzingsee follow the road to Untere Maxlraineralm and Taubenstein summit station. Proceed as described above.

  • From Spitzingsee follow the road to Rotwandhaus and proceed to Großtiefental, Miesingsattel and Hochmiesing.

  • Another interesting loop is the trail from Taubenstein via Lempersberg to Rotwand summit, down the north ridge to Miesingsattel and up again to Hochmiesing summit.

  • HochmiesingMiesingsattel, view to Ruchenköpfe
    HochmiesingHochmiesing summit ascent
    HochmiesingHochmiesing summit ascent

    The ski route
    Main ski routes are:

  • Geitau – Mieseben – Soinsee – Großtiefentalalm – Miesingsattel – Hochmiesing.

  • Geitau – Mieseben – Kleintiefentalalm – Miesingsattel – Hochmiesing.

  • Including Hochmiesing into the Rotwand Reibn.

  • Red Tape & Accommodation

    HochmiesingRotwand north face as seen from Hochmiesing ascent

    The northwestern, western and southwestern slopes of Hochmiesing do not have restrictions. The eastern parts of Hochmiesing and the whole Dürrmiesing part of the mountain - that is the eastern part of Hochmiesing massive - has a restriction zone in winter and spring. It is a protection zone for animal wildlife which is active in winter and needs some quiet zones.

    It is a voluntary acknowledgement for ski hikers and snowshoe hikers not to enter this zone. Please respect those wildlife retreat zones !

    The zone is marked in the below mentioned topo map of the Alpenverein.

    Valley accommodations

    Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, restaurants and campgrounds can be found mainly in the following villages:

  • Schliersee

  • Spitzingsee

  • Bayrischzell

  • Geitau / Postgasthof Rote Wand

  • Mountain huts

  • Rotwandhaus (1.737 m; 5.699 feet)

  • Taubensteinhaus (1.567 m; 5.141 feet)

  • Obere Maxlrainer Alm(1.520 m; 4.986 feet)

  • Schönfeldhütte (1410 m; 4.626 feet)

  • Cablecar

  • Taubensteinbahn

  • Gear & Mountain Conditions

    HochmiesingSummit approach

    Hochmiesing is an all-season summit.

    In spring, summer and autumn it is an easy hike which requires normal hiking gear.

    In winter it is a ski hike for beginners but - as always on ski tours - don´t forget your avalanche gear.

    Check the weather forecast here.

    Check the Bavarian avalanche bulletin here.


    HochmiesingWinterly Auerspitze and Ruchenköpfe seen from Miesingsattel

  • Alpenvereinskarte, scale 1 : 25.000
    Blatt BY 16: Mangfallgebirge Mitte, Spitzingsee, Rotwand
    DAV, 2009

  • Topographische Karte von Bayern, scale 1 : 50.000,
    UK50-53 Mangfallgebirge - Tegernsee - Schliersee - Rosenheim – Holzkirchen, 2008

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