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Location Lat/Lon: 47.55224°N / 10.84209°E
Additional Information Elevation: 6820 ft / 2079 m
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The Hochplatte is a massive shield of rock with a sharp ridline running in east - west direction. The approaching trails are following the crest of the ridge either from the Weitalpjoch or the saddle between Kraehe and Hochplatte. The Hochplatte is the highest point in the German part of the Ammergauer Alps. The Hochplatte massif is the first rugged range rising up from the foothills of the beautyful Allgaeu which spreads to the north with rolling hills and farmland. Views from the peak of the Hochplatte are quite different to the north and to the south. If some one looks north, the green colors of the "Voralpenland" are stretching far to the horizon, versus rugged and steep rockfaces to the south. The Hochplatte is an all season mountain.

Getting To The Trailheads

From the south:

Oberammergau (GER) - Linderhof - Trailheads at Ammerwald and Lindergriess
Reutte (AUT) - Plansee - Trailheads at Ammerwald and Lindergriess

From the north:

Schongau - Wildsteig - Halblech - Traiheads at Kenzenhuette (shuttle bus Halblech - Kenzen)
Fuessen - Schwangau - Forest road to Jaegeralpe (closed for motorized traffic) - Trailhead at Jaegeralpe

Red Tape

The Hochplatte is located in the Ammergauer Alps Nature Preserve. No permits required, no fees. Camping is not allowed.

Hiking Trails To The Peak

Southern Trails

From the parking lot at the restaurant Ammerwald Alm right next to the Plansee road, follow the forest road in west direction for about 1KM. A sign will show you the trail forking into the Roggenbachtal. The trail runs north, follows the stream untill it reaches a fork again. Turn left, cross over the stream and follow the steep trail between Hochplatte and Hochblasse if you like to climb over the west ridge to the peak. Turn right and reach the Weitalpjoch and continue over the east ridge. The two trails can be combined as a nice loop.

Start at the Hotel Ammerwald and take the Schuetzensteig to the Jaegeralm. Take the right arm of the forking trail a couple hundred yards before you reach the cabin (sign). From here it's another hour to the west ridge.

Northern Trails

From the Kenzenhuette hike towards the Loesertaljoch (SE) and take the trail over to the Weitalpjoch and continue with the east ridge to the summit of Hochplatte.

An other trail goes form the Kenzenhuette up to the Kenzensattel and traverses the entire north slope of the Hochplatte before it climbs into the gap between Kraehe und Hochplatte. A steep trail climbs in endless scree to a hole in the ridge (Fensterl/Window), go through it and continue on the west ridge to the peak.

The east ridge:

Easy hike from the Weitalpjoch. Sometimes strenuous though endless bouder fields. One section of the ridge is equipped with an apoximately 100 feet long steel cable so the hiker can hold onto at that exposed part. Endless clusters of Alpenrosen are blooming in mid summer.

The west ridge:

This approach is much more difficult as the east ridge. The trail runs along a knife sharp ridge. The ridge drops vertical to the north and is about 600 feet above ground. The southern slope is not quite as vertical but will drop as much as the northern side. Hikers with the intent to use that route have to be very experienced and not afraid of heights. One wrong step can cause a fatal accident.

Most common ski approach:

From the big parking lot just 1KM behind the old border patrol station in Linderhof. The first section into the Saegerbachtal and Loesertal are the same as the ski approach to the Scheinberg just continue all the way to the Loesertaljoch. Descent from here about 300 vertical feet and traverse over to the Weitalpjoch. From there the track follows the east ridge to the peak.

When To Climb


The Hochplatte is a year-round target. Best hiking season is late spring/early summer and late summer/fall. July and August are the hottest month with sometimes high humidity and a high chance of severe thunderstorms.


The skiseason might start in early December and goes through March/April. For a ski approach is plenty of snow necessary because the part from the Weitalpjoch goes through some bouler fields.

Camping and Huts

There are privately owned and operated campgrounds near Halblech (northern approach) and at the Plansee (southern approach)

The Kenzenhuette a hut operated by the German Alpine Club is a good basecamp for approaches from the north.

Mountain Conditions & Emergency Contacts

Mountain Rescue: Bergwacht Oberammergau

Mountain Rescue: Bergwacht Füssen

Mountain Rescue: Bergwacht Reutte, Phone: +43 664 6149800

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Guide Books & Maps

Bergverlag Rother - Ammergauer Alpen, Hiking and Climbing guide book (sold out!)

Bergverlag Rother - Allgäuer Alpen und Ammergauer Alpen

Topo Map "Werdenfelser Land", published by Bayerisches Landesverrmessunsamt Muenchen, Sheet# L8530 and L8532