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Nockberge, Austria, Europe
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Hohe Pressing
Created On: Oct 8, 2004
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Koenigstuhl from the WestBelow the summit of Peitlernock
Baerenaunock from the NE...Baerenaunock
Hohe Pressing from east, from...Hohe Pressing from the E
Hohe Pressing is a typical 'Nockberge' summit. Rounded, steep and rocky only on its 100 or 200 meters. It is situated on the western side of the group, which means, that it offers excellent views on Hohe Tauern, especially on Hochalmspitze. The summit is also not alone, but it forms a small subgroup of three peaks, arranged from east to west: Peitlernock, 2244 m, Baerenaunock, 2292 m and Hohe Pressing, 2370 m. North of this chain, two more, unimportant summits stand: Kasperkopf, 2129 m, and Doererkopfl, 2056 m. The whole group is delimeted from other Nockgebirge by the valley of Leobenbach (creek) on south, the valley of Heiligenbach on east, the valley of Krems on north and the main valley of Lieser on west.

As said, this summit and its small group is most interesting for easy hiking (almost all around the year, probably the best time of the season being autumn) and for tour skiing - convince yourself, seeing pictures! Nockalmstrasse (panoramic road) is a challenge also for biking and many side roads can offer you nice mountain bike tours.

Summit panorama

The views from summits are really broad. Below are a few pictures.

And also three fine pictures from Mathias Zehring:

summit view to Hochalmspitze...Hochalmspitze
summit view to Rosennock and...Rosennock
looking back from Hohe...Nockberge

Getting There

A self-made map of Hohe...
You go off the highway Villach - Salzburg either in Gmuend (on the south) or in Rennweg (on the north) and then drive by the old road through the valley of Lieser to Kremsbruecke. Here you turn eastwards into the valley of Kremsbach to the tourist resort of Innerkrems (1480 m). Here you can start the tour, but it is also possible to proceed southwards by the Nockalmstrasse, until you reach Nockalmhof, cca 1650 m. Here the cart-road to Baerengrubenalm deters (towards the SW). You can also reach the Nockalmhof by the Nockalmstrasse from the south (but not in winter). In this case you must pass the highest point of this panoramic road, which is on 2027 m.

As the mountain is not difficult to climb, you can choose also other starting points in all four surrounding valleys, and use many forrest roads, cart-roads and not marked paths.

Tour Skiing in Nockberge

Enjoying the best slopes...Powder snow
In good conditions, these mountains are ideal for tour skiing. Virtually all slopes and ridges can be used for ascending with skis and for downhills, only on upper parts we must go on some places without skis or with a little help of ice axe and crampons. The lower parts of these mountains are covered by woods, but if enough snow, good downhills through them can still be chosen.

Red Tape

No limitations for the ascent itself. The Nockalmstrasse (road) is opened from May to October (toll!).

When To Climb

Any time of the season.


You don't need to sleep on the mountain.

Nockalmhof is a private hut. Contact data: Family Aschbacher, A-9862 Kremsbruecke, No. 91, Austria. Tel: +43 4736 283.

Hohe Pressing

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