Horné Diery & Nové Diery

Horné Diery & Nové Diery

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Nové Diery, Rozsutec, Mala Fatra
Horné Diery, Rozsutec, Mala Fatra
Horné Diery, Rozsutec, Mala Fatra

Horné Diery and Nové Diery (in Slovak, "high gorge" and "new gorge", the second having been amenaged later), are in fact two canyons located one after the other, on a stream that flows one of the valleys of the Mala Fatra range. They are sometimes called "Janošíkové Diery" both of them together, refering to Slovak hero Janošík whose Mala Fatra were the den.

Horné Diery takes its source under Sedlo Miedzirozsutce, the pass separating Veľký Rozsutec with Malý Rozsutec.

This region of the Mala Fatra (and the Carpathians) is made of a beautiful white karstic limestone, which explains the existence of such gorge.

Out of Horné Diery, near Podžiar pass

At near the pass Sedlo Podžiar, the stream disappear under the ground before reappearing few hundred of meters later, and start Nové Diery (sometimes also called "Dolné diery", "lower gorge"). Nové Diery ends though a big crack of the mountain of Boboty to finish at Biely Potok, near the town of Terchová.

Both gorges have been featured with mumerous gateways and scales, in the style of the "Slovak Paradise", in order to protect the ground and allow all tourists to visit them.

It is possible to visit them separately or all at once. Both together, they make almost the whole height from Biely Potok (500) to Sedlo Miedzirozsutce (1200), some 700m of height for 4km of length. Combined with the ascent or the descent of Rozsutec, they make a very entertaining mountain-day.

Rozsutec from Podžiar pass

Getting There

You must reach the town of Terchová, or the village of village of Štefanová, in the valley Dolina Vratna, near Terchová.

To reach Terchová from Slovakia, take the direction of Žilina or Martin (depending on where you come from).
From Poland, cross the border at Zwardoń or Rajcza/Novot.

By public transport, Terchováand Štefanová are served by bus. Štefanová is also easily accessible on foot from Terchová.

Red Tape

Mala Fatra is a national park, and the hiker must know that offtrails is trictly forbidden.
Wild camping also is forbidden, and also risky, since this range hosts many bears.

Finally, let's mention that the Rozsutec mountain is closed from Mars 1st to June 15th, in order to protect the nature and some specific species.

Nové Diery, Rozsutec, Mala Fatra
Nové Diery, Rozsutec, Mala Fatra
Nové Diery, Rozsutec, Mala Fatra


B&B and hostels

There are many accomodations in the ski-resort of Terchová.

Another more romantic place is in the village of Štefanová, on the foot of
the Rozsutec cliffs. However, one must know that in summer finding a place in this village is not easy.
Prefer coming in the spring or autumn in this case.
To find places like this, type in Google a place name with "Ubytovanie" ("Accomodation"), you'll get a handful of results.

Mountain refuges

Bývalá chata pod Rozsutcom is located under the pass Sedlo Medziholie, on the south of Rozsutec. Good location for the one who plans to visit the canyons in the same time than this beautiful mountain.

Chata na Grúni, less frequented, is located near Štefanová, on the crest that separates the 2 branches of the Vratna valley. Another fine location for the one who plans to visit all the surroundings.


There is one campsite near the road at Nižné Kamence (West near Terchová), Autocamping Varín

Mountain huts

Hut at Podžiar pass

Bývalý salaš v sedle Podžiar is a simple wooden hut located at the pass Sedlo Podžiar, between the 2 canyons. Officially, not allowed, but... I've seen them !


The excellent online map of Vratna Dolina on the mapy.mk.cvut.cz website:

This is an old map. The trail mentionned "Poludnové skaly" doesn't exist anymore neither the campsite in the heart of the Vratna Dolina. The drawings of Horné & Nové Diery are quite approximative too.

Another more recent map is available :


My pages about Roszutec and Boboty with pictures of Horné Diery and Nové Diery



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