Horse Lake Mountain (12/23/13)

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Horse Lake Mountain (12/23/13)
Created On: Dec 27, 2013
Last Edited On: Dec 27, 2013

Quick Summary

This day was originally set for Mission Peak but with a weather front coming in we decided to do Horse Lake Peak instead. At 7 miles and 2000 feet of elevation gain this was a lighter hike but as you can see this mountain was a very worthwhile visit. We are both glad we did because Mission Peak was quiet stormy that day while on Horse Lake Mountain we only felt a couple of sprinkles. We also got to check some of the cool side scrambles that are on the mountain.


Nartreb heading back from the scramble rock
Nartreb heading from a great side scramble

Rainbow view from the middle summit (true summit)
Rainbow over the mountains

Nartreb on some side summit rocks
Nartreb hanging on some cool side rocks

Closeup of the temperature inversion over Wenatchee
Temperature inversion over Wenatchee



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Horse Lake Mountain (12/23/13)

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