Hoyt Peak via Paulsin Basin

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Utah, United States, North America
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Hoyt Peak via Paulsin Basin
Created On: Mar 9, 2005
Last Edited On: Jan 27, 2008

Getting There

The route to the trailhead begins in Marion on State Route 32. Marion is located half way between Oakley and Kamas. From the north end of Marion, locate "Upper Loop Road". This paved road heads east from two different entrances that are .5 miles apart. From the northeastern secction of the loops road, take the dirt road that heads east that is posted for "Piute Creek". This road heads east up Hoyt Canyon. Most of the spur roads are blocked by gates. There are two roads that climb to the head of Hoyt Canyon, but the one to the right is a bit less rough. This right fork also has a branch heading west to Marion. Take a left at this second junction and the road climbs to the head of Hoyt Canyon. When driven with care, and car can make it to the head of Hoyt Canyon, but the road is for 4wd vehicles beyond. From the head of Hoyt Canyon, stay on the main road all the way to Paulsin Basin. There are too many side tracks leaving this main road to describe. The main road is sometimes marked with signs stating "Forest Road #080". The main road heads generally to the east and then north to the basin just below Hoyt Peak. From this basin, the main road climbs to the left and reaches the saddle east of Hoyt Peak. This is where the trail to Hoyt Peak begins.

Route Description

From the saddle mentioned above, either walk or drive west along the 4wd track that runs along the ridge towards Hoyt Peak. If driving the track, park when the fence is reached. The 4wd track continues a very short distance beyond the fence, but driving beyond the fence is very dangerous because there is not a place to turn around at the end of the track and on the steep ridge.

From the end of the 4wd track, there is a trail heading west to the summit of Hoyt Peak. From the summit of Hoyt Peak, there are excellent views of the Wasatch Range, the towns and valleys to the west, and of the peaks of the Western Uintas. The hike to the top can be done in a half hour (longer if you park at the saddle), thus the reason the peak will not have a page. The peak still has great views though.

Essential Gear

A good pair of boots is needed.