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GlennD - Jul 23, 2020 10:55 pm Date Climbed: Jul 23, 2020

Hualapai Peak  Sucess!

A quick hike after doing Mt Wilson on the way from Vegas. Wasted time trying to find an easy route up from the top of the road. Use trail is hard to see from the earlier referenced cairn, but it’s there.


technicolorNH - May 20, 2020 10:14 pm Date Climbed: May 18, 2020

interesting trail  Sucess!

Three hours to the summit although I wasted twenty minutes trying to climb the wrong side of the summit area before finally getting tired of the hassle and circling around to the north side. Lots of small wildlife to see, including an encounter with a roughly six foot snake. I did part of the descent with Bob Needham, who had geologist stories I could have listened to all day.


gimpilator - May 6, 2018 9:56 am Date Climbed: Apr 8, 2018

Hualapai, Hayden, Aspen  Sucess!

trip report


mstender - Oct 18, 2016 3:00 pm Date Climbed: Oct 17, 2016

Standard Route  Sucess!

Took the standard route as described here by surgent. I found the chute nastier as expected and got a few scratches despite long pants and sleeves. The actual scrambling was easier than expected. When standing in front of the summit slab, I stepped over on to the ledge to the left hand side and then it was pretty easy. There is a bit of exposure though. Overall a nice clear day with great views.


scgrant - Jan 25, 2015 9:27 pm Date Climbed: Jan 23, 2015

Hualapai Peak  Sucess!

Did this one with my Dad. The thorny bushwhack and scramble to the top wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. Perfectly clear, awesome day with great views in all directions. On our decent we completed the loop going by Camp Levi Levi and climbing up Aspen Peak along the way. Great hike.


Fletch - May 11, 2014 11:04 am Date Climbed: May 9, 2014

Fun  Sucess!

Make sure you scramble up the N side of the peak. I wasted a few minutes going up the S side before almost getting cliffed out... Nice day. I was sick and tired which made for a slow day... ~4hrs RT.


Redwic - Mar 22, 2013 10:18 pm Date Climbed: Mar 20, 2013

Nice Outing  Sucess!

Although on a family vacation, we found a compromise that allowed me to visit Hualapai Peak... but only if the hike took me three hours (it took me 3h10m total, so my estimate was close). I did not want to return to the area just for this peak, so I am very glad to get this one off my "to do" list. I did not have fun on the final 200' scramble section. Solo, I got snagged on a vicious tree which had a branch go through pants as I passed by. Then some of the upper scramble had some angled exposure. The trail system leading to the peak had some icy patches, which slowed my hiking a little bit but I still managed to jog during the descent. It was very breezy and cool, but the views were spectacular in every direction.


hightinerary - Mar 1, 2012 7:35 am


I hiked up the snowy trail with my daughter, and we ended up basking in the sun and drying our wet shoes and socks on some nice slabs, not continuing to the summit.


DougHemken - Oct 24, 2011 1:47 pm Date Climbed: Oct 21, 2011

Ponderosa Island  Sucess!

with Mike Allex


vbeckman74 - Jul 2, 2011 11:23 am

With Bro  Sucess!

This was one of my first peaks. I did it with my brother when I was in about 7th grade.


NavySeabee - Aug 18, 2010 7:29 pm Date Climbed: Aug 16, 2010

Hualapai - Aspen  Sucess!

Day three of my AZ/NV HP trip and #4 AZ Cty HP. Interesting scramble to the top that makes you pucker a bit. Ladybug breeding ground is in full effect. Didn't find the register, but then again, I was just happy I made it on top! Hit Aspen on the way down which is more of a use trail with its own class 3 leap at the top. Hayden gate was closed so I didn't bother... Saw 3 elk at the bottom which was a nice treat.


McCannster - Aug 12, 2010 6:13 pm Date Climbed: Aug 12, 2010

Ladybugs  Sucess!

There were so many ladybugs covering the summit. The register was full of ladybugs. It was interesting. Nice views. Climbed a ~30 ft easy 5th class crack to get up to the summit area. 4 hours RT from the trailhead.


sbkelley - Nov 9, 2009 3:58 pm Date Climbed: Oct 24, 2009

Hualapai Peak  Sucess!

Nice hike up to the base and fun scramble up the last part. Did Hayden Peak on the way home, which was a steep little hike.


xcherrixblossomx - Oct 27, 2009 2:28 am Date Climbed: Jul 4, 2009

Birthday Climb

Had a picnic with our church and the adults prepared for this hike to the top, as we were preparing to leave a few kids wanted to join us. So after a five minute "discussion" the adults were joined by 10 kids ranging from 5-10 yrs. They got their water and we started off at 5500ft. Shortly into our hike some of the adults had to take the youngest back to camp while the rest pressed on. After 2 hours practically everyone had run out of water and we had to turn around at about 7000ft. Next time we will be prepared and may have something distracting the children while the hikers slip away ;)

Ryan Burd

Ryan Burd - Aug 27, 2009 9:39 pm Date Climbed: Jun 23, 2009

Hualapai Trail  Sucess!

With Dad, also climbed Aspen Peak. Loved the class 3 on both peaks.

Bob Burd

Bob Burd - Jul 17, 2009 2:42 pm Date Climbed: Jun 23, 2009

Hualapai Trail  Sucess!

The trail (or road) leading to the south side of Hualapai was clear of all brush. Seems the park folk now consider this a regular trail and have included it on the park map. You still have to scramble the last 200ft of class 3 to the summit. Trip Report


oldadit - Aug 5, 2008 6:52 pm Date Climbed: Jul 7, 1992

It looked easy on the map ...  Sucess!

From the quad it looks like hiking the Hayden Peak
road and then contouring over to Hualapai makes sense.
On the ground this turns out to be a
particularly boneheaded route,
and Sarah ran out of gas enroute. Look at satellite
pics to see the roads to the NE of the peak.

Hiked this better route with the family in 5-30-1999.
For extra credit get up on top of huge summit block.


MoapaPk - May 10, 2008 11:39 pm Date Climbed: May 10, 2008

More Bushwhack than needed  Sucess!

Somehow I was under the impression that the road was bad, so I took a direct route up to the top of Hualapai, including a few exposed climbs on the rocks, then descended and went up Aspen Peak.

On the way down Hualapai, I realized that one need only take the use trail for about 200 vertical feet or less at the very top; the use trail starts on a decent road at a large, unmistakable cairn. The use trail did not seem very brushy to me; on an Adirondack scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate it 1.2.

The granite is very frictional, so it often seems that one can lunge up 70 degree slopes; but it is also very weathered, and occasionally comes off in sheets.

Went again Oct 13, 2012, over Hayden, Hualapai, and Aspen. If you take the Hayden "trails," be aware that they end a few hundred feet lower than the summit, and perhaps 1/4 mile NNW. The road to Hayden gets you to the bottom of the radio/microwave buildings, but has a "No trespassing" sign.

Bob Bolton

Bob Bolton - May 4, 2008 11:28 am Date Climbed: Apr 24, 2008

Potato Patch and roads  Sucess!

My wife joined me on this one, the second serious hike of our vacation together. We had hiked Mt. Wrightson three days earlier. The trail and road hike was great, but she was very apprehensive on the scramble near the summit. Instead of attempting to touch the actual summit, she touched me while I was touching the summit and called it good - her not being a peakbagger per se. Beautiful day, but the wind was cold and biting on the summit, and we had left our packs with warm stuff down at the landing below the scramble section. Fun peak, and it's on my top priority list -- the 100 most topographically prominent peaks in the 48 states.


Dundeel - Nov 13, 2007 11:16 pm Date Climbed: Nov 8, 2007

Mohave Hai  Sucess!

I was coming to the area for three days of rally car racing, so I decided to show up a day early and try out Hualapai. The temp in Kingman was into the 90's but on the peak it was a comfortable 60 to 70.

I followed the PP Loop to the left and then the road to the #14 marker. After scoping the summit rocks out, I followed a class 4 route up the south side with some interesting boulder hugging and one ledge with a cactus for defense. Climbed on the top and enjoyed the view. Came back down the easier route on the northeast side. If you're looking to take the easier route up, it is a couple hundred feet before the #14 marker. The big balanced slab should be on your left as you climb.

Near the storm shelter, a mule deer doe showed no concern about my presence and casually sauntered out of the way when I got within 15 feet.

Cohp #52, AZ cohp #1

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