Huascarán panorama from the SW, from the refugio, with the sun behind Sur

Huascarán panorama from the southwest, from the refugio.

It's almost 7 am, the sun will soon rise above the mountains. We had mixed feelings seeing this. Yesterday morning, we were some 1200m higher, in Campo Dos, just below the col. We had abandoned the alpine start because of the weather, but after dawn, it was a little bit better so we went out and attempted to climb Sur. The top part was in clouds when we started, and they didn't budge, so we turned back. Now, Campo Dos is not a very pleasant place, and believing that the weather wouldn't improve, we went all the way down to the refuge. Looking outside the next morning, we had a few regrets about that decision. It looked a bit windy, but apart from that, a lot better! Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk.

13 July 2011.


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