<i>(Don't Fear)</i> The Monkey

"Love of two is one,
Here but now they're gone.
Came the last night of sadness,
And it was clear she couldn't go on..
Then the door was open, and the wind appeared;
The candles blew, then disappeared;
The curtains flew, then HE appeared..."

A trip to the Philippines isn't complete without spying one of these guys (gals ?) in a tropical hardwood tree.

I flew 7,000 miles so I could look at a monkey, for cryin' out loud!

Macaques are Old World monkeys found in Africa and Asia. The most distinguishing feature between Old World monkeys and New World monkeys (those found in the Americas) is that only New World monkeys have prehensile tails that can be used for grabbing and holding.

Many Old World monkeys have rump pads and distinctive cheek pouches used to store food, and most have small curved nostrils set close together.

This monkey was seen storing food inside it's cheeks ..

Nope, I didn't check out its rump pads!

May 7, 2010 (Southern Leyte, Philippines)


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