<i>Pointleaf Manzanita of AZ</i>

Did you get my point? Pointleaf Manzanita, that is!

Of all the native shrubs of central Arizona, the
red-barked Pointleaf or Mexican manzanita is the
most popular. This drought-tolerant species is
related to heather. It grows between 2 and 4 meters
tall, and loves south-facing slopes between 3,500
and 7,000 feet in elevation.

In nature, manzanita seeds germinate following fire.
(I was first introduced to manzanita during the mid-1980s, while I fought forest fires in eastern
Washington). Living manzanita plants contain a high
percentage of volatile compounds, which burn like a
torch when ignited. They also carry a large amount
of dead wood, making them all the more flammable.

In central AZ, they grow in thickets and as far as
route-finding goes, they often present a challenge
when going from point A to point B. Get my point?

June 5, 2008 outside of Payson, Arizona


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