<i>Shining World of Ice & Snow</i>


There still are rushing rivers in my dreams;
There still are grinding boulders in the streams;
There still is mountain madness,
Thund'ring down in reckless gladness,
- Tho I'm safely in my bed in town, it seems.

There is still a shining world of ice and snow;
There still are steps to slog and miles to go;
There still are fragile bridges, And windy fearsome ridges,
- Tho the city sounds about me all say "NO..."

There still is a threat'ning avalanche to round;
There still are blinding fog banks, summit bound;
I can find no safe belay!
Yet the sun says, "Do not stay" ...
Then I wake to find I'm home on level ground.

I'll be toiling up sublime eternal heights,
I'll be threading huge seracs by candle lights,
I will pause where none may pass,
By some bottomless crevasse -
- I'll be dreaming that I'm climbing ... many nights.

Clark E. Schurman (1937)

This is a view I took of Mount Rainier (from Burroughs Mountain)
on July 29, 1984.

You can clearly see the low spot on the "north edge of The Wedge" (the
saddle to the right)
, which is St. Elmo's Pass (7,400+ feet).
"The name was given by Major Ingraham in 1886 because a remarkable
exhibition of St. Elmo's fire seen here during a great storm."

(From the historic book "The Mountain That Was 'God'" by John H.
Williams in 1911)

Here's a short video of the awesome VIEW looking north from the top of
St. Elmo's Pass.


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