I've overlayed a picture of...

I've overlayed a picture of...

I've overlayed a picture of the Northeast Buttress with our line, fixed belay stances marked in red. Note that we started the route up from the toe of the Buttress, due to difficult access at that point. Prominent features of the line you'll notice are how it avoids a section of (rotten) pink rock low on the route, and also the long ramp paralleling the crest. Take note of where we left the ramp to gain the crest. There is no way we could have turned up later (blank walls). There is a chance that you could turn up earlier, but nothing looked venturesome to us.

The photo was taken the year before, on the enjoyable Serpentine Arete route.

We were doing our best to follow published route descriptions. In the process we realized how different the two popular descriptions are from each other, seeming to share only the long distinctive ramp! It's hard to say how well we clove
to one or the other (Kearney or Beckey)
on Feb 6, 2006 4:53 pm
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