Iceberg Peak, Goat Trail

Iceberg Peak (9145'), from approximately half way along the Ptarmigan Tunnel to Ahern Pass Goat Trail. The route can be made out as it crosses the cliff face before you (it's the dark band of rock, and what has been traversed to reach this point is just as exposed!). That's Ahern Pass (7100') on the right, with part of Longfellow Peak running off the image in the distant far right. From this point, the trail drops so as to come out near the base of the snowfield leading to the pass. This was a dry year, but crampons were still a big help on the climb up—some in our party didn't have them, which made for slow going (the snowfield is bigger than it looks!). From the pass the route goes sharply left on the climb to Iceberg Notch, or you can continue straight, soon joining up with the Highline Trail, then eventually reaching Granite Park Chalet. Photo by Vernon, July 20, 2005.


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