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Idaho High Peaks
High Peaks

12ers & 11ers
High Peaks

12ers & 11ers

Upon arrival at a new summit, I would scan the horizon naming each peak as if it was an old friend. The horizon became my focus and I began to wonder about the peaks that I did not have names for farther to the north and south. I had become a "peak bagger," not so I could brag about having climbed so many peaks, but rather so that I could get to know the ramparts that hemmed me into this remote valley...
Thomas Turiano
Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone - Prologue

Here's a note for Idaho mountain loving peak baggers. I have finally completed the Thousand Peaks. The 1000 mountain ascents, all different-no duplicates, reflect part of a life journey begun in 1968. I believe I am the first Idahoan to achieve this goal. Categories of interest are as follows: 649 Idaho summits done 107 Idaho summits over 11000' 75 peaks, mostly in east central Idaho, with no prior record of summit occupation 546 summits reached over 10000' ... So, onward toward the next thousand. Hope to see your name in the summit register.
Rick Baugher

Idaho Falls, ID September 29, 2004 - Guestbook

I'm always up for a new peak but some peaks are like old friends, I could and do climb them every year.
Tom Lopez
Idaho Outdoors Forum, March 20 2005

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Idaho 12ers
12,662 Borah Peak Lost River Range
12,228 Leatherman Peak Lost River Range
12,200 Mount Church Lost River Range
12,197 Diamond Peak Lemhi Range
12,140 Mount Breitenbach Lost River Range
12,078 Lost River Peak Lost River Range
12,065 Mount Idaho Lost River Range
12,023 Donaldson Peak Lost River Range
12,009 Hyndman Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,982 USGS Peak Lost River Range
11,972 No Regret Peak Lost River Range
11,967 Peak 11,967 Lost River Range
11,953 Bad Rock Peak Lost River Range
11,936 Sacajawea Peak Lost River Range
11,930 Far Away Mountain Lost River Range
11,913 Goat Mountain Pioneer Mountains
11,909 Peak 11,909 Lost River Range
11,899 White Cap Peak Lost River Range
11,887 Peak 11,887 Pioneer Mountains
11,878 Standhope Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,865 Devils Bedstead East Pioneer Mountains
11,857 Mount Corruption Lost River Range
11,839 Brocky Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,828 Mountaineer Peak Lost River Range
11,825 Altair Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,815 Castle Peak White Cloud Peaks
11,781 Peak 11,781 Lost River Range
11,775 Old Hyndman Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,755 Duncan Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,736 Pegasus Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,724 Ross Peak Lost River Range
11,714 Ryan Peak Boulder Mountains
11,687 Angels Perch Pioneer Mountains
11,682 Mount McCaleb Lost River Range
11,664 Kent Peak Boulder Mountains
11,650 Cobb Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,641 Peak 11,641 Pioneer Mountains
11,628 Pyramid Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,612 Bell Mountain Lemhi Range
11,611 Doublespring Peak Lost River Range
11,602 Glassford Peak Boulder Mountains
11,600 Salzburger Spitzl Pioneer Mountains
11,600 Peak 11,600 Pioneer Mountains
11,598 The Riddler Lemhi Range
11,560 Peak 11,560 Pioneer Mountains
11,516 Peak 11,516 Pioneer Mountains
11,510 Big Basin Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,509 Peak 11,509 Lost River Range
11,509 Ferguson Peak Lost River Range
11,508 Smiley Mountain Pioneer Mountains
11,500 Calkens Peak White Cloud Peaks
11,477 Peak 11,477 Lost River Range
11,473 Horseshoe Peak Lost River Range
11,458 Peak 11,458 Boulder Mountains
11,402 Big Boy Peak Lemhi Range
11,393 Scott Peak Beaverhead Mountains
11,367 Mount Morrison Lost River Range
11,353 Big Black Dome Pioneer Mountains
11,350 Big Creek Peak Lemhi Range
11,342 D.O. Lee Peak White Cloud Peaks
11,332 Peak 11,332 Lost River Range
11,330 Invisible Mountain Lost River Range
11,312 Peak 11,312 Boulder Mountains
11,310 Al West Peak Lost River Range
11,309 Wet Peak Lost River Range
11,308 Hidden Peak Lost River Range
11,305 The Box Pioneer Mountains
11,302 Lonesome Lake Peak White Cloud Peaks
11,296 North Ryan Peak Boulder Mountains
11,292 Huhs Horn Beaverhead Mountains
11,280 Triple Peak Lost River Range
11,280 Peak 11,280 Pioneer Mountains
11,278 Shelly Mountain White Knob Mountains
11,276 Sheephead Peak Lost River Range
11,273 Redbird Mountain White Knob Mountains
11,272 Little Diamond Peak Lemhi Range
11,272 Peak 11,272 White Cloud Peaks
11,263 WCP 9 White Cloud Peaks
11,240 Lorenzo Peak Boulder Mountains
11,240 Peak 11,240 Lost River Range
11,224 Cabin Mountain White Knob Mountains
11,220 Perkins Peak Boulder Mountains
11,212 Shoshone John Peak Lemhi Range
11,210 Peak 11,210 Pioneer Mountains
11,202 Peak 11,202 White Cloud Peaks
11,200 Alcyon Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,200 Peak 11,200 Lost River Range
11,189 Peak 11,189 Lost River Range
11,179 Lime Mountain White Knob Mountains
11,163 North Cabin Mountain White Knob Mountains
11,161 Peak 11,161 Boulder Mountains
11,160 South Glassford Peak Boulder Mountains
11,160 Merriam Lake Peak Lost River Range
11,154 Cerro Ciento Boulder Mountains
11,153 Galena Peak Boulder Mountains
11,151 Peak 11,151 Pioneer Mountains
11,141 Dickey Peak Lost River Range
11,125 Eighteenmile Peak Beaverhead Mountains
11,112 Silver Peak Boulder Mountains
11,109 Pavlos Peak Lost River Range
11,108 Easley Peak Boulder Mountains
11,102 WCP 10 White Cloud Peaks
11,090 Peak 11,090 Lost River Range
11,090 Gooseberry Peak Lost River Range
11,087 Peak 11,087 Boulder Mountains
11,085 Grouse Creek Mountain Lost River Range
11,081 North Twin Lost River Range
11,080 Boulder Lake Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,080 Peak 11,080 Lost River Range
11,071 Little Mac Lost River Range
11,070 South Twin Lost River Range
11,057 Griswold Peak Boulder Mountains
11,051 Devils Bedstead West Pioneer Mountains
11,041 Boulder Basin Peak Boulder Mountains
11,040 Nicholson Peak Lemhi Range
11,040 Trinity Peak Lost River Range
11,040 Petros Peak Lost River Range
11,039 Atlas Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,027 Jacqueline Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,024 Cottonwood Mountain Beaverhead Mountains
11,019 Flatiron Mountain Lemhi Range
11,005 The Brow Lemhi Range
11,000 Howard Peak Pioneer Mountains
11,000 Peak 11,000 Lost River Range
Other Notable Peaks
12,147 Borah North Peak Lost River Range
12,000 North Lost River Peak Lost River Range
11,401 Shadow Lake Peak Lost River Range
11,238 Chinese Wall White Cloud Peaks
11,138 South Wet Peak Lost River Range
11,284 Webber Peak Beaverhead Mountains

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