Ignoble Knob (High Dallas Point)

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Ignoble Knob (High Dallas Point)
Created On: Jan 4, 2018
Last Edited On: Jan 4, 2018


Noble Knob
Noble Knob from Ignoble Knob

This is one of the most bizarre summits on all of Summitpost. This peak right between the more famous shorter neighbors of Mutton Mountain and Noble Knob yet it really is not that popular in its own right. To be honest I have walked right past this peak my last time in the area. After finally getting to the top of this less famous but higher peak I can tell you I still have no idea why this peak is not a more famous destination peak. One thing is that this peak has stunning four volcano views. The peak also has a north and south summit. The north summit is the true summit and it has stunning views. The south summit or false summit also has good views and a couple of interesting rock formations on its east side. It also looks cooler going up (which is why the south false summit got the profile picture. It also has a relatively avalanche safe approach in winter and the trailhead in winter has close access to the highway (Deep Creek trailhead). 

More true summit views
More true summit views

As of winter 2017 though the mountain has been severely affected by the Noble Knob fire. In some ways this is very bad. There are severe blowdown all over this trail and they have a major impact on travel time. In other ways though this is very good. The trees higher up have been burnt leaving to a more open forest and better views on the way up. Just if you do go before trail renovation make sure to add an hour to your trip. 

Mount Rainer
Mount Rainer

Getting There

Note: The top two trailhead potentially may be affected by the Norse Peak fire in 2017. Please get the latest information before attempting to go to those trailheads:

: Take Highway 410 30 1/2 miles. On your left hand side Road #7174 will come up. Turn on Road #7174 and take it 6 3/4 miles up a very roughly and steep road to the trailhead (Closed in winter)(High clearance vehicles recommended). 

FROM TWENTY-EIGHT MILE ROAD : Take Highway 410 20 1/3 miles to Greenwater Road near the town of Greenwater (Road #70). Take this road 4.5 miles to Road #72. Stay on Road 72 about to 4.0 miles to the left trailhead with some shoulder park.

This trailhead was not affected by the fire though the Deep Creek Trail was:  

FROM DEEP CREEK TRAILHEAD: Take Highway 410 12.4 miles south of Greenwater. Make a left onto Forest Road #7170. If the road is icy pullout to the left on a small parking area. If it is clear drive all the way to the turn circle and park area. You will pick up the Deep Creek Trail there. 


There are at least three ways to the summit of Ignoble Knob/High Dallas Point. The first way is by Corral Pass which walking on mostly level trail past Mutton Mountain to the section where you have to go off-trail to the true summit of Ignoble Knob. This way is very novice and any peakbagger of any skill level can attain Ignoble Knob this way. It is only a snowfree route dew to access to the trailhead. This way could have been severely impacted by the forest fire so please stay up to date on trail conditions before you head off into this region.

Ignoble Knob Summer Route (May not be open until fire debris cleared)
Ignoble Knob Summer Route (May not be open until fire debris cleared)

There is another summer from Twenty-Eight Mile Road. This route may also be impacted by the forest fire to again make sure to check both road and trail conditions before you go. 

One of the steeper sections!!
One of the steeper sections!!

The final route is up from Deep Creek Road. This is recommended as a winter route. It is easy to get to the trailhead, however there is a lot of blowdowns on this trail. Depending on your comfort level with blowdowns you may want to wait until winter 2018-2019 to attempt this route. I can attest it is still very doable but it will add at least an hour to your overall trail time. 

Ignoble Knob Winter Route
Ignoble Knob Winter Route

Red Tape

There is no pass required on the Dallas Creek Trailhead, however there is one required from Corral Pass. 

When to Climb

This is a year round hiking destination. My favorite time of being up on this ridge is fall and winter. 

Looking east from the true summit
Looking east from the true summit


Camping is allowed at Noble Knob and there looks to be a decent area right near the summit though I would be concerned about nearby water sources. There is also camping located right at Corral Pass as well.  That being said campfires must only be used in established rings and burn bans which often take effect over the summer are enforced.

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Ignoble Knob (High Dallas Point)

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