In the Home of the Giants - Jotunheimen

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In the Home of the Giants - Jotunheimen
Created On: Aug 2, 2011
Last Edited On: Aug 16, 2011

In the Home of the Giants - Jotunheimen 2010

Early August time Norwegian Land of Giants welcomed me, coming from Far North after a visit to Lofoten Islands, with a tearful drizzle from steel coloured sky.
Though full of holes, narrow driveway upwards the valley to Spiterstulen base hidden deeply in the mountains was truly worth the effort. On the following day which was my very last chance for climbing action, the good luck was once again by my side. Cloudy skies abstained from giving any more rain and the hike along the eastern ridge towards summit of the highest mountain peak of the whole Scandinavia - Galdhopiggen - above staggering tongues of giant glaciers opening their icy jaws below my feet with thousands of seracs and crevasses was an absolutely fantastic experience. Besides the magic of the ice armoured mountains arising one after another from beyond the clouds - the most rugged and primeval landscape I've ever encountered.

Tomek Lodowy

Jotunheimen, Norway, 4-5 August 2010.



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