Into the Wild South, from Flinsch Peak

An incredible hodgepodge of mountain wilderness, looking south from the Flinsch Peak summit. The mountains in this view are big, and densely-enough packed together that it's just a bit difficult sorting them all out (clicking on the image to bring up the large size helps). The one peak relatively well-known, and readily available as a point of reference, is Mount Saint Nicholas (9376'), which is the large, pointedly impressive mountain on the right. From left to right: the large shoulder of an unseen peak is that of Mount Helen (8538'); the first summit actually seen, and looking entirely different from the well-known face it shows to the Two Medicine Campground, is Lone Walker Mountain (8502'), with the somewhat diminutive-appearing Caper Peak (8310') to the right of—and further back in the valley—Lone Walker. The "flat-topped" peak in the far distance is Statuary Mountain (8250'); the pointed peak in front of Statuary, in shadow, and slightly further right, is Vigil Peak (8593'); next, and pretty much center of the massif—with what appears from this perspective to be a two-pronged summit—is Battlement Mountain (8830'—actual summit is on the right); then St. Nick; and lastly, anchoring the photo on the far right is a—believe it or not—small portion of huge and massive Mount Phillips (9494'). The valley is the head of Nyack Creek, which wraps all the way around Mount Phillips, Mount Pinchot (9310'), and Mount Stimson (10,142')—the latter two completely unseen in this photo—before eventually joining up with the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. An amazing and remote area! The saddle at bottom is Dawson Pass.
Photo by Vernon, July 12, 2007.

(A completely different perspective of this "Mount St. Nick Massif" may be seen here.)


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as before .... great shot Vernon.

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