Iowa Peak (Fishhook Point)

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Idaho, United States, North America
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Iowa Peak (Fishhook Point)
Created On: Aug 21, 2016
Last Edited On: Aug 31, 2016


Iowa Peak or Fishook Point sits right in the heart of the fishook are. According to the locals this peak is mislabled on the map as Iowa Peak. On the summit there was at one point a peak box that was labled fishook point. The peak itself is a very simple class 3 scrammble with minimum bushwacking. Its not as much of an exciting hike like its neighboring peaks such as Horstmann, Mt. Iowa, Heyburn, etc. But the peak itself gives you a great view of those said mountains along with the popular bench lakes as well as redfish. 

Getting There

Make your way to the Redfish Trailhead 


The path to this peak is simple. Starting at the Redfish lake trailhead head down the trail till you come to your first fork. There is s sign at the fork that will tell you the directions to go. Take a left and head towards the bench lakes. After about 3 miles you will come to the next sign that will point you in the right directon towards Bench lake 1. You cant miss the sign. Its sits at another fork you will unavoidibly come to. After about another mile you will get to bench lake 1. Make you way up towards bench lake 4. When you reach Bench lake 4 you will easily be able to see where you need to go from there. From 4th bench, head up the North West side of the peak. Just stick to the left side and you will hit the top of the peak. Its a straight shot from 4th bench. When coming down, I personally hang a left and drop down towards 3rd bench to save time. The trail from 2nd the 3rd bench will start to trickle away so you will need a decent idea of the geographical area and how to get around. Once past 3rd, there is not much of a trail at all.A

Red Tape

No permits or fees of any kind are reuired to hike here

When to Climb

The best time to climb would be from June-October. Any earlier would most likely involve you going up a snowy wall.


There are plenty of neighby campsites at the Redfish area. If backpacking in, there are many clearings that prior hikers have used for camping throughout the years along the trail.

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