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Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jun 14, 2007
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Fall

Itatiaia 2007

2007 is one of the most irregular years when we talked about weather. The last month, May, was the coldest since 1956, reaching temperatures in the mountains of Brazilian South Region near -12°C. So, after this climatic events, we ( Me and Kelly ) decided to go to Itatiaia in June looking for the possibility to feel these low temperatures before the beginning of the Winter. We went in Itatiaia National Park in June 14,15,16 and 17th, climbing, hiking, scrambling and appreciating the landscapes which Itatiaia provides. The weather helped us, without clouds every days and the temperature wasn’t so cold but, very windy on the summits turning the sensation almost insupportable.
Reaching the topReaching the top

The Trip

At 2791mAt 2791m

The trip started when Kelly arrived in the Tom Jobim Int’l Airport in June 14th in Rio de Janeiro, because she lives in Belo Horizonte (3rd biggest Brazilian city). We drive by BR-116 to South around 200km to the Itatiaia National Park and, we decided to wait in the Logistical Center at 2400m inside my car, to dawn walking to Agulhas Negras (2791m) didn’t wasting one’s time to get the main summit. The wind was hard, the temperature at 7:00 o’clock was -0,8°C plus the wind. We reached the top at 10:30 and rest at the top by 1 hour and taking pictures. After this, I said to Kelly to go down because we need to hike to another mountain, Pedra do Altar (2665m) from west Agulhas Negras and 5km far. We were so tired, because I drove by daybreak and, we slept few hours inside the car but, we got to rise without problems. At the top, a fantastic 360° view of all mountains in the Mantiqueira Range.
Walking to PrateleirasTo Prateleiras

At night, we fixed the tent in Alsene Lodge, to make dinner. Kelly fried sausages, heated beans, and opened a good wine with a Gran Formaggio cheese. After this, we put down horizontally and, dreamed about the next day.

Morro do CoutoMorro do Couto 2680m

We woke up to climb 2 mountains in the same day: Maciço das Prateleiras (2548m) and Morro do Couto (2680m). These mountains have hard trails inside big blocks of alkaline rocks, making all the way very exciting. We arrived in the base of Prateleiras at 9:00 and after cross the holes, we summitted at 10:30. This morning was windy, so we had to go down after 20 minutes on the top ( The cold was hard ) and, on the way to Morro do Couto, I decided to take a bath in Flores Waterfall, in the half way. Woww – the water in this waterfall is freezing but, I wasn't sorry for this act! Nothing is better than climb a mountain after a good bath. At 14:00 we reached at the base of Couto, walking 1 hour more in a pleasure scramble trail to got the summit. Over there, was possible to see all Serra Fina with the majestic mountain called Pedra da Mina (2797m) in the west. The sunset was incredible and cold. We maked a lot of shots of this magic moment. The descent was calm, and we thought just in one thing: The dinner. Rice, jerked meat, chocolate, sausages and cheese cream with a good red wine finishing our day.

The worst day! The day we gone away…
On the road we saw a nice cloud carpet over Paraiba do Sul River valley, making a stunning view. We stopped to take some pictures all over the road.
[img:304471:alignleft:small:Morro do Couto 2680m]
We have some projects to return in Serra da Mantiqueira and Serra Fina in 2007, if God willing...


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