IWV Cabin Route

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Created On: Mar 1, 2006
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This route from Indian Wells Valley (IWV) is not the standard one listed in Jenkins guide, but I believe a little more varied and fun. There are really multiple ways to go up Jenkins from Indian Wells Valley. All are much shorter and more interesting than coming from Walkers Pass.

Getting There

Continue N on the 14/395 past the 178 junctions. Shortly after the 178 East Junction you will see the Indian Wells Valley brewery on your left. Really start paying attention, becuase there is a dirt road on the left coming up near the top of a hill, that is real easy to miss. You'll want to turn left here. This is the Indian Wells Valley road. Follow this road back towards Owens and Jenkins. You'll eventually come to a sign for the cabin. You can turn towards the cabin and start from there, or continue on to a small turnout by a dirt road that rises steeply off to the left. This is where I prefer to start.

Decent driving directions, can be found here

Route Description

It can start from the cabin or further up the IWV road where a little hillclimb goes off to the left on the side of the same hill that rises above the cabin.

Either way hike up the road(s) to a small saddle between the subsidiary peak and the ridge that rises up Jenkins. From the saddle follow the ridge up Jenkins until you hit the PCT. Now turn right on the PCT and follow that until you reach the cairns marking the next ridge you need to go up, which goes straight up to the summit. This is the same ridge the standard route takes up Jenkins from IWV as described in Jenkins guide. In addition, most hikers coming from Walker pass go up here as well.

Alternatively, instead of taking a right on the PCT, you can keep following that first ridge all the way up to the summit ridgeline. You come out about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the summit of Jenkins. The traverse involves some bush wacking and a little bit of Class 3 climbing. This is a fun way to go.

Essential Gear

Just some good hiking boots and your camera

Parking at five fingers or the brewery and mt biking up the IWV road before doing Jenkins adds an extra element of fun, especially on the way back! The road is a faster downhill than it would seem (which of course also means its more of a grunt going up than it would seem). You can also mt bike up to the saddle between the subsidiary peak and the ridge. This can still be done in half a day if you go quick.

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IWV Cabin Route

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