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Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, Europe
7312 ft / 2229 m
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Jahnaci Stit
Created On: Nov 30, 2005
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Jahnaci Stit, Jagniecy Szczyt, Weisseespitze, Fehertavi csucs, "Lamb Peak" 2229

The first peak in the main Tatra chain from north-eastern border pass of Kopske Sedlo separating High Tatra to White Tatra (Belianske Tatry) ridge .

From Siroka to the EastJahnaci and Kolovy peaks from Siroka

Beatiful granite pyramide of Jahnaci Stit viewed both from west and east presents itself as a smaller twin peak to the neighbouring greater Kolovy Stit.

The marked route reaching the summit explains its remorseless popularity among Tatra hikers, absolutely wonderful and varied panorama attracts many.

Jahnaci stays still also quite popular climbing target offering lots of routes of different technical difficulty level, the most interesting for climbers is Jahnaci's South Face.

Since the 2nd half of XVIIIth century (and probably even earlier) the whole Jahnaci massif was an area of intensive hunting activity of local highlanders as very rich in chamoises. It is sure that the hunstmen were ascending all nearby ridges including the main summit of Jahnaci Stit.

Besides sheperd's activity in former times all nearby valleys were being explored by miners and treasure seekers.

First known tourist ascent:
9.VIII.1793 - Robert Townson and guide Hans Gross ("Der Grosse Hans")

First winter ascent:
3.XII.1911 - Gyula A. Hefty and Lajos Rokfalusy

Kolovy Stit(2418)(left) and...Kolovy and Jahnaci peaks from Bujaci Vrch

Jahnaci Stit (2229)

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Jahnaci Stit - East Face

Jahnaci Stit(2229) is a prominent peak in the main Tatra chain, first from north-east in High Tatra ridge.
The massif is quite extensive and rises above 4 valleys: Kolova, Zadne Medodoly, Bielych Plies and Cervena.

The peak has got 2 summits separated by a short, almost horizontal part of the ridge:

  • SW - the main one

  • NE - lower one

    Jahnaci's summit dome sends out 4 rocky ridges:

  • SW - Townsonov Hreben (Townson's ridge) falling from the main summit to Kolove Sedlo pass(2118) (the shortest one) separating Cervena and Kolova valleys.

  • NW - Jahnaci Hreben ridge falling from the main summit and separating Kolova and Zadne Medodoly valleys.

  • NE - Koperszadzka Gran(POL) falling from the main summit through the lower one to Kopske Sedlo pass
    separating valleys of Zadne Medodoly and Bielych Plies.

  • SE - Kozi Hreben - separates valleys of Bielych Plies and Cervena, bristle with series of cliffy crags with the most prominent and highest one of Kozi Stit(2107)

    Getting There

    You can visit the area both from Slovak and Polish side of the mountains.

    The key thing when planning a stay in Slovak High Tatra is to get to Poprad - major city in the area with very good communication links with the rest of the country, from there you should go to one of close High Tatra resorts: Stary Smokovec or Strbske Pleso for example.

    You can of course find accomodation anywhere in the area, thanks to an electric train line linking whole southern High Tatra foothills you will find yourself anywhere you want at the right time.

    Slovak bus and train connection search

    Coming from Polish side as always you must get to Zakopane first, very well developed bus and train communication
    with the whole Poland, especially nearby Cracow City (100 km) .
    Going to Slovak side of High Tatra you should take one of many buses or minibuses going in the direction to Palenica Bialczanska("Morskie Oko") and get off one stop before the final one at Lysa Polana - Polish/Slovak road bordercrossing point.
    Slovak bus stop is just nearby behind the border at a great parking place (shops...).

    PKS Cracow – Zakopane bus departures

    PKP - Polish Railways connection search

    PKS Zakopane - buses

    The nearest airports to Tatra mountains are located in Cracow(100 km)
    in Poland and in Poprad nearby in Slovakia.

    Cracow Airport

    Poprad-Tatry Airport

    Routes Overview

    Summit marked route:

    Chata Pri Zelenom Plese Mountain Chalet(1551) - Cervena Valley - Kolove Sedlo(2118) - Jahnaci Stit(2229)

    Yellow marks, 4km, 2h

    Hiking Jahnaci stitOn the trail, above Kolove Sedlo pass

    Red Tape

    It is Tatra National Park(TANAP) area, there are no entry fees but You can hike using only marked trails.

    Watch out for strict rules of wildlife conservation.

    Stay always respectful to mountain nature!

    From 1.11 to 15.06 year by year all marked routes in TANAP(the whole Slovak side of Tatras) are being closed for tourists
    (besides the routes leading to mountain chalets).

    When To Climb

    Best time for climbing/hiking: August – October.

    June/July: frequent t-storms, heavy rainfall periods and foggy weather.

    Planning visiting Tatra Mountains in winter, don't forget to check actual HZS avalanche forecast

    Hurricane starts at Jahňací štít (2229 m)Jahnaci Stit in winter


    Lots of accomodation possibilities of different standard and price on both sides of Tatra Mountains.

    In the mountains:

    Chata Pri Zelenom Plese (Green Lake mountain chalet)
    Telephone : ++421-52-4467420
    Mobile phone: ++421-903-467420
    EMAIL: jgantner@stonline.sk

    Chata Plesnivec mountain chalet
    Telephone : ++421-905-256722

    Hotel Kolowrat - Tatranska Javorina

    Camping in Tatra National Park is strictly forbidden !

    Mountain Conditions

    Severe and extremely changeable high mountain climate …be always prepared for sudden weather breakdowns !

    Rescue Phone Number: 18 300

    Horska Sluzba - Tatra Mountain Rescue