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Location Lat/Lon: 49.18737°N / 20.16780°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7929 ft / 2417 m
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Javorovy Stit, Jaworowy Szczyt, Krotenseespitze, Varangyos-tavi-csucs 2417 Huge peak in the main High Tatra ridge between Maly Javorovy Stit(2385) and Ostry Stit(2360), rising over great valleys of Velka Studena and Javorova - falling to the second one imposing 400 meter high vertical wall . Tooltip for IE: Javorovy Stit Javorovy Stit over Velka Studena Valley Javorovy Stit(2417) as the highest peak of long Javorova Ridge is a very characteristic object in High Tatra panorama and it is quite easy to recognize it especially when looking from the north side. Just under the main summit of the whole massif there is a great ,sloping rocky plateau undercut from almost all sides by precipitous 250-400 meter high cliffs. The name of the peak comes from Javorova Dolina valley touching it from the north. Granite cliffs of Javorovy and Maly Javorovy were in the second half of 19th and early years of 20th century one of the main stages where the history of Tatra Mountain climbing was being written by such famous names of “taterniks” of that era as Komarnicki brothers ,Stanislawski ,Korosadowicz ,Staszel ,Martin and Swierz. First successful conquering of the north wall of Maly Javorovy made by Hungarian Climbers: Gyula and Roman Komarnicki was a milestone in a history of conquest of extremely difficult High Tatra cliffs. Though not the easiest to ascend for an average mountain tourist - Javorovy offers a wide range of possibilities for all those eager for a top high mountain performance and a shot of adrenaline... The area is popular among experienced climbers and especially in the last years ,by wintertime attracts many enthusiasts of extreme skiing for whom the whole Velka Studena Valley is a real paradise. During summertime and good weather you may meet sometimes single tourists ascending the summit of Javorovy Stit(2417) by the easiest route through Sivy Zlab (Grey Couloir) but You can be sure that You won’t meet a crowd anywhere there even in the high summer season, frankly speaking the Javorovy area is never visited by masses because of lack of marked routes in the massif. The only marked route (blue marks) crossing near Strelecke Polia (Hunters' Fields) is a popular one way route going from Teryho Chata Chalet(2015) in neighbouring Mala Studena Valley through Priecne Sedlo Pass (2352) to Zbojnicka Chata Chalet(1960) in Velka Studena Valley traversing also foots of southern walls of Javorovy Stit .

Javorovy Stit (2417)

from Slavkovsky peakJavorovy from Slavkovsky Stit
3 kilometer long prominent and very cliffy ridge of Javorove Peaks is formed by 2 huge peaks of Javorovy Stit(2417) and Maly Javorovy Stit(2385) divided by deep ,sharp Javorova Spara pass. It rises over JavorovaValley in the north and Velka Studena Valley in the south. The massif neighbours in the east by Javorova Pass(ca.2250) with legendary Ostry Stit(2360) (Sharp Peak). In good conditions this pass can be recommended as a gate linking valleys on both sides of Javorove Peaks (easy access from Strelecke Polia, on the northern side – narrow ,sloping ,exposed footpath over cliffs). On the west ,from the Maly Javorovy Peak(2385) branches off towards north-west long ridge of Javorove Veze (Javorove Crags) ending in Siroka Javorinska(2210) group. To the south west goes ridge leading through Maly Zavrat Pass(2270) to Svistovy Stit(2383). On the west to Maly Javorovy spreads beautiful and wild Rovienky Valley (TANAP strict reservation). Javorovy Stit, Jaworowy Szczyt, Krotenseespitze, Varangyos-tavi csucs 2417 First ascent: 1897 – Antonina and Karol Englisch with Johann Hunsdorfer senior (guide) First Winter Ascent: 1911 – Gyula A. Hefty and Gyula Komarnicki Maly Javorovy Stit ,Maly Jaworowy Szczyt ,Ahornspitze or Antonienspitze ,Javor-csucs or Antonia-csucs 2385 First Ascent: 1902 – Antonina and Karol Englisch with Johann Hunsdorfer sen. First Winter Ascent: 1913 – Gyula A.Hefty and Istvan Laufer

Javorova & Velka Studena Valleys

Javorova Valley Javorova Dolina, Jaworowa Dolina, Javorova Tal or Ahorntal, Javorova-volgy Great valley on the northern side of High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry) extending 10 kilometers up from Tatranska Javorina to the foots of Ladovy Stit(2628) which overtops the entry of the valley by 1600 meters.
It is surrounded by massifs of Siroka Javorinska group ,Javorove Veze (from the west),Ladovy Stit group ,Baranie Rohy ,Cierny Stit ,Kolovy Stit ,Jahnaci Stit and Belianske Tatras ridge (east) ,Javorove Peaks ,Ostry Stit and Siroka Veza (south). In 17th and 18th century popular terrain among treasure finders and gold diggers ,in 19th century mining works ,wonderful nature. Velka Studena Valley Vel’ka Studena Dolina ,Starolesna Dolina ,Grosses Kohlbachtal ,Nagy-Tarapataki-volgy Great valley on the southern side of High Tatras about 8 km long extending from Hrebienok above Stary Smokovec to the main ridge in the area of Svistovy Stit(2383). It is surrounded by such great massifs as: monumental Prostredny Hrot, Ostry Stit, Siroka Veza and Javorove Peaks (from the north), Svistovy Stit and Vychodna Vysoka (west), Bradavica and huge Slavkovsky Stit massif (south).Great views, 27 (!) (usually small) lakes, one of the most important marked tourist trails in High Tatras.

Getting there

The whole “Javorovy climbing project” usually starts from Stary Smokovec beautiful spa ,ski and mountain tourism centre on Slovak side of Tatra Mountains. You can get there easily by bus or electric train from town of Poprad. Poprad has very good communication links with whole Slovakia, there is also an airport(probably the highest located one in Europe - 710 meters above the sea level). Poprad-Tatry Airport Slovak bus and train connection search Our mountain trip to Javorovy Stit(2417) leads from Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok(1285) and then higher and higher through great Velka Studena Valley . There is a cable railway from the center of Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok (5,70 Euro - one way).

Marked routes overwiev

Stary Smokovec(1010) – Hrebienok(1285) Green marks or road ,3 km ,0.50 h ( or cable car railway for 90 SK – over 2 Euro) Hrebienok – Velka Studena Valley – Zbojnicka Chata Chalet(1960) Blue marks ,6 km ,680 meters of height difference ,2 h Zbojnicka Chata Chalet – Prielom Pass(2288) Blue Marks ,2.2 km ,330 m of HD ,1 ¼ h Terycho Chata Chalet(2015) – Priecne Sedlo Pass(2352) – Zbojnicka Chata Chalet(1960) one way route! Yellow Marks ,5.5 km ,2 ½ h Tatranska Javorina(1000) – Javorova Valley – Zabie Javorove Lake(1886) – Sedielko Pass(2372) Green marks ,12.5 km ,5 h (1360 meters of height difference)

Javorovy Stit area - Map

Tooltip for IE: Javorovy Stit map Tatry Wysokie (High Tatra) map, in scale 1:25 000, description in 6 languages, ISBN 83-87873-26-8, available in all shops and book stores in Zakopane . Here you can check the net version Tatra Maps (English version)

When To Climb

Best time for hiking and climbing: August – October. In July frequent t-storms, rainfall and foggy weather. Autumn: October - November - icy rocks and snow, short day... In winter from December to April or even May usually serious avalanche danger. Alpine Climbing Routes in Velka Studena Dolina - browser

Red Tape

It is Tatra National Park (TANAP) area ,there are no entry fees but You can hike using only marked trails. Many “non-marked” peaks or passes like Javorovy, Ladovy, Gerlach, Lomnica, Mengusovsky Velky or Satan for example - are accessible “legally” with licensed Tatra guides. On 21.12.2007 Slovakia along with Poland signed Schengen Agreement and accessed
to "open borders" Schengen Area, however one must remember that National Park regulations prohibiting crossing the border beside marked trails in the whole area
remain in force.


Definitely the best place to stay overnight when planning climbing Javorovy Stit is beautifully situated Zbojnicka Chata chalet(1960) in Velka Studena Dolina valley. The chalet completely burnt down in June 1998, quickly rebuilt offers now good conditions and great atmosphere. Zbojnicka Chata Chalet You can also try to attack Javorovy Stit from Teryho Chata chalet(2015) in Mala Studena Dolina valley after overcoming Priecne Sedlo Pass(2352) or simply but much longer from the town of Stary Smokovec (whole-day trip). From the north You can achieve Javorove Peaks area by green marked trail leading by the whole legth of Javorova Valley from Tatranska Javorina . Then alternatively you can choose a way of getting to Velka Studena Valley between using quite demanding Javorova Pass (non-marked!) or after reaching Sedielko Pass(2372) crossing Priecne Sedlo Pass(2352) . Camping in Tatra National Park besides a few designated places is strictly forbidden.

Mountain Conditions

Severe and extremely changeable High Tatra mountain climate …be always prepared for sudden weather breakdowns! Stay always respectful to the mountains! Horska Sluzba - Tatra Mountain Rescue - daily weather ,avalanche reports Rescue Phone Number : 18 300 Slovak mountains ,weather reports,camera

Klemens "Klimek" Bachleda (1849-1910)

Tooltip for IE: Klimek Bachleda Legendary figure of “King of Tatra Guides” ,”Tatra Eagle” - Klimek Bachleda is especially connected with the area of Javorove Peaks due to memorable event of 1910. On the 6th August 1910 Klimek was killed in a rocky avalanche during one of the most famous TOPR rescue actions ,trying to save life of Stanislaw Szulakiewicz trapped in the cliffs of still unconquered north wall of Maly Javorovy Peak. Not listening to orders of the expedition chief Zaruski and regardless of extremely bad weather conditions Klimek made a daring attempt to get to the sufferer ,sacrificing his own life for helping other man. His heroic deed and death became a legend. Klimek Bachleda is commemorated in Tatras and area in many places for many kinds, among others: big board on the symbolic cemetery of mountain victims under Ostrva in Mengusovska Valley and names of Klimkowa Przelecz (Klimek’s Pass) under the summit of Pysny Peak(2623) and Klimkowa Turnia (Klimek’s Crag) – the highest one of four summits of Bradavica(2476) ,which was cilmbed first by him in 1892 ,Klimkowe Wrotka and Klimkowy Zleb also in the area. Legendary person was frequently mentioned in Polish Tatra poetry and literature.

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