Jebel Attuf

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Petra, Jordan, Asia
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Jebel Attuf
Created On: Nov 13, 2012
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Petra mountains before sunrise
High Place of the Sacrifice
Jebel Attuf is one of those special summits. Not because of altitude, nor difficulty. Its surroundings and its history make it special. Jebel Attuf stands right in the middle of the ruins of Petra, the pink city of the nabateans, who used it as a privileged spot for sacrifices to their divinities. The archaeological remains of the worship facilities are still up there, well preserved, and –moreover- the climb along a narrow rocky gorge will offer you a fine opportunity to step out of the most crowded lower areas of magnificent Petra.

Getting There

Wadi Musa

Wadi Musa is the closest village to the ruins of Petra. It’s placed over 250 km south of Amman, where the closest international airport can be found. I guess there should be no problem at all to join a tourist group heading there (that’s what I did!), as the place is usually visited by a lot of people. Hiring a taxi or using a car rental company seem to be the basic possibilities to reach the place if you’d rather travel on your own. I’m not aware of any other possibilities, but will be glad to include here any additional information provided by readers of this page.

Red Tape

There’s not much to be said here. Basically, three main data are to be kept in mind:
- pay the entrance ticket to the Petra archaeological site (obviously!)
- shoes should not be a big worry, but you’ll be glad to wear strong ones with a resistant, non-slippery sole
- Petra is usually a hot place, and the summit of Jebel Attuf is still a summit. Better start along the climb early in the morning, carry enough water and always wear a hat, sunglasses and sun protection.
Summit panorama


I’m not aware of any camping possibilities. I must assume that camping is absolutely forbidden inside the archaeological site of Petra. The good news is that Jebel Attuf can be safely reached during a basic tourist visit, using any one of the tourist lodgings (as far as I saw, there’s a good range to choose from) without any real need for camping

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Jebel Attuf

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