June 21, 2005
 Damavand 5671...

June 21, 2005

Damavand 5671 m on the far left. In front of it: Narges 4206 m. To the right: Paloon Gardan 4256 m, Sarkharsang 4203 m, Meeshchal 4253m, Kholeno the Great 4387 m, Kholeno the Small 4350 m & Borj 4325 m. The big wall on the left belongs to Yakhchal Peak 4194 m. To the right of it: Sarmahoo 4165 m. In front of Kholeno the Great you can see its sub-peaks 4208 m & 4200 m

Looking E/SE from the summit of Kaman Kooh


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