June 21, 2005
 Looking W/NW...

June 21, 2005

Looking W/NW from near Chooren Pass. We were on the summit of Azad Kooh at 6 pm and could not take a picture of the western mountains looking into the sun.

Takhte Soleyman Massif. The highest peak in the middle is Alam Kooh 4850 m. To the right of it: Takhte Soleyman Peak 4659 m, Chaloon 4516 m, Siah Kaman 4472 m, Avidar 4260 m & Kalahoo 4412 m. To the left of Alam Kooh: N. Khersan 4680 m, S. Khersan 4659m, Gardooneh Kooh 4402 m & Zarrin Kooh 4198 m. If you zoom on the picture, many other peaks will also come into view Iincluding Menareh 4378 m (horn to the right of Gardooneh Kooh) and Marji Kesh 4580 m (in front of and to the right of N. Khersan)


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