Just <font color=crimson>Do</font>ing <font color=crimson>Da </font>Wave (Do Da!!)

Just Doing Da Wave (Do Da!!)

This is that unique and rather popular geological formation known simply as The Wave. Even though it is a cool formation to look at and read (DREAM) about, I have not YET seen it in person. This photo comes from a personal quest or journey taken by my friend, who resides in central Arizona. This is all hearsay, but my friend said you have to APPLY for a permit to hike in this wilderness, located near the Paria River in southern Utah. You can obtain updated information by contacting the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) directly. I wouldn't advise visiting this area in the middle of summer like my friend did. I was told that the temperature rose to 100 degrees (F) + on this particular day in July. Also, you have to have a GPS or be diligent in reading a topo map to find this formation. From what I understand, the BLM has maps for the public to use and follow. As far as guided tours go, you STILL must complete the application for obtaining a permit to view this formation, and there is a LIMITED number of permits ISSUED for each particular day. So, please bring plenty of water and your orientating skills and .... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, GRASSHOPPER!!! : ) "Who, me? I'm still trying to CLONE myself, so I can visit Washington state!" ...and display a pink cap atop my head. Photo taken in July of 2007, scanned by lcarreau. Please CLICK for valuable info! !!! !!
on Aug 25, 2008 10:09 pm
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