Sky Pilot just below the summit of Capitol Peak, CO

I came across these flowers about 200' below the summit of Capitol Peak, July 2003.

I took the photo on film (35mm) and scanned the resulting print. The result surprised me: the colors of the petals in the photo and the print were quite different. Frankly, I had remembered the colors being different than either, but I couldn't remember quite how.

I played around with the color levels a great deal and applied a number of focusing and despeckling algorithms to try to make the photo look more like what I saw (the original was a bit out of focus; this version still is). I also cropped the image farily severely, for reasons of composition and to eliminate some flaws.

While there remain some serious problems, this photo is, to me, a classic example of some of the legitimate (to me) purposes of digital image processing.


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