Königschusswand steig

Königschusswand steig

Page Type: Route
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Route Type: Via Ferrata
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Time Required: Most of a day
Difficulty: E
Grade: II


The Königschusswad-steig is one the best, however, a less known via ferrata in the Rax Group. It is more difficult than the most famous Haid steig but you will find much less people on the wall, it is a bit more exposed at some sections and the panorama is overwhelming.

Getting There

The starting point is the same in case of the Haidsteig or the Preinerwand steig.
Reach the village Prein an der Rax (next to Reichenau) and the turn up on the small road at the transformer building. Go till the parking called Griesleiten (843m).

Route Description

There are several ways how you can reach the rock from the parking. One of the most common way is to follow the road (marked YELLOW) in the serpentine and after some curves turn to the right to the small path marked GREEN. You cant miss as that it the only path marked green in the area. First you cross a road and at the second road follow the red to your left. This will lead you to the spring Bachinger.
From here follow the path to the Haid steig and after a +/- 7 minutes walk you will leave the forest and see the rocks on your right. Continue on the narrow path and soon you will see the Haidsteig starting point. Go further behind the rock and then right up to the rocks above. This section is not going to be your favourite but keep on and aim for the rocks painted black. That is where you start climbing. In summer time it is easy climb without any fixed ropes but in winter (late fall, earl spring) take your crampons and rope. Without it you take unnecessary extra risk. At some points even at the beginning of the climbing it is exposed and on icy rock a fall can be lethal. Soon you will get to the fixed ropes that will take you up to the top.

From the top you can get down either in the Holzknecht steig, or via the Preinerwand steig or via the Neue Seehütte, following the yellow path.

Time depends really on the conditions. Reaching the starting point from the parking is 1,5 - 2,5 hours.
The climb itself takes 2-4 hours.

Then the time down takes around 2-3 hours depending on weather conditions and on which way you choose.

Essential Gear

Helmet, via ferrata set.
In winter: crampons, rope and belaying gear is obligatory.

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