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kabudabvar 4

This cave is located in the mountains of Sehezar near Lirehsar village in Tonekabon. The exact place was a little hard to find and we couldnt do it without our local guide's help.

Getting there

Kabudabvar 1

You should drive in Dohezar-Sehezar road from Tonekabon untill you get to sehezar. After getting to Lirehsar(28 km from tonekabon) you should use a sidetrack road which is not shown on any map. After passing about five kilometers you should park the car and start hiking. A very amazing walk for about 45 minutes will ake you to the cave. The route to the cave is all in jungle and if its summer you can enjoy eating Raspberry without any need to change your way!
The cave had never been explored by cavers before. As we are planning to find and explore all the caves in Tonekabon we decided to go and take a look if this cave even existed.

The Cave

Kabudabvar 5

Kabudabvar is an active unique river cave younger than Daniyal cave(chari). Its about200 meters long with three halls which the main is about 20*30*10 meters. The elevation is about 570 meters and doesnt change as much inside.
Bats,springtails and a black spiders live in the cave.

The cave needs more exploring

kabudabvar 2

Our little team(Parviz Mashhady,Mahmud Amiri and me) and our local guide Mr Farzad Samkhaniani started comming out of the cave after an hour.
We hope to get back there again with a better equiped team so that we can remove the debris that has closed the path. This cave seems to be much longer.

Kabudabvar the very special

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Its possible to eat lunch,pack equipment,drive to Liresar,visit the cave and get back home before it gets dark. Thats what makes Kabudabvar very special.

Other Attractions

Kabudabei Enterance

villages arround Liresar like Sootak can be visited beside the main program. Also Khorait cave which we later explored and is a 45 meter deep unipitch cave is about an hour away from Kabudabvar while trekking in the beautiful jungles of Sehezar.
Falakdeh hot spring which is so amazing either is about 13km from Liresar and in summer can be easily reached by a dirt road. Imagine how a hot spring would feel just after a caving program!
And many other attractions that I'd rather write more accurately about each of them in future.