Kaloskopi-Mnimata-Vathia Laka-Pyramida

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Fokida, Greece, Europe
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Kaloskopi-Mnimata-Vathia Laka-Pyramida
Created On: Nov 28, 2003
Last Edited On: Feb 10, 2004


The "classic" route. The route from Viniani used to be more popular some decades ago, but when the road to Kaloskopi was made, this route provided a shorter way up. The disadvandage is that the refuge is at the other side of the mountain so one has to go up to 2150m and then down to 1900m to get to it.


When you arrive in Kaloskopi from Lamia (see “Getting there”), there is a fork about 1km from the village (use a road map to find it or go into the village and back up). Turn right (west) and right again into a dirt road. If you are coming from Amfissa there is a similar fork at about the same distance from the village. Turn left (west) and you will find the very same dirt road. After 3,5km you will come to a crossroad in a place called “Mnimata” (Alt 1250m). Continue straight ahead another 2,5km. You will see a spring and the road passes through a ravine bed. If your car isn’t a 4x4 (or you are already walking) continue on the same road on foot and after a couple of U-turns you will see the first signs of the trail (it is marked with red paint on rocks or metal signs with a red diamond on white background). (NOTE: If there is a lot of snow you may even have to start walking from Kaloskopi)

Route Description

You will cross the road a couple of times (if you have a 4x4 you can proceed to this point) and then commit on the trail. In the beginning it gains altitude slowly, and it is clearly marked with signs on trees and poles, easy to see even in the winter. There is a steep section at about 1600m, and then as it eases off, you will notice water running in little ravines and even on some parts of the trail. This is a sign you are close the plateau from where you can see the peak (Pyramida). An other plateau a little higher (~1950m) called Vathia Laka is spread at the base of Pyramida’s wall (average time ~3h). Passing the wall from its left you continue the ascend up to a saddle called Diasela (2150m). From there you can turn W-NW to the peak (45-60min with a little scrambling near the end) or continue NE to the refuge (30-45min, 1900m), descending through a loose slope. (Be careful at night because when you get close to the refuge it gets hidden behind boulders and you can pass it).

Essential Gear

In the winter crampons and ice axes are necessary (end of November - April, depending on conditions), trekking poles are highly recommended and carrying a 30m/8mm rope isn't a bad idea.

GPS Tracks

Mnimata - Vathia Laka
Vathia Laka - Pyramida
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Kaloskopi-Mnimata-Vathia Laka-Pyramida

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