Karanfil Ljuljasevica

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Karanfil Ljuljasevica
Created On: Dec 5, 2006
Last Edited On: Dec 23, 2008


Karanfil Ljuljasevica with its surroundingsSurroundings of Karanfil Ljuljasevica

Karanfil LjuljasevicaKaranfil Ljuljasevica

When you enter in amazing Grbaja Valley, you'll notice impressive massif of Karanfil Ljuljasevica, placed on the left from magnificent Ocnjak (2185 m) peak. Karanfil Ljuljasevica (2290 m) with its neighbour Podgoja (2050 m) actually belong to wider massif of Karanfili (2460 m, 2490 m, 2441 m) peaks, which are most impressive peaks of Montenegrin PROKLETIJE range. That peak is situated in the heart of Montenegrin Prokletije massif, high above on the edge between Grbaja and Ropojana valleys. Karanfil Ljuljasevica is closest neighbour of Ocnjak (2185 m) and Severni Karanfil (2460 m).

Surroundings of Karanfil LjuljasevicaKaranfil Ljuljasevica with surrounding peaks

Summit view

The summit of Karanfil Ljuljasevica offer many beautifully views. From that peak you can enjoy in the view to peaks above Grbaja Valley, Ropojana Valley and to highest peaks of PROKLETIJE range which are placed on Albanian side.

Panorama 120 deg from Karanfili North SummitSummit view to Prokletije peaks

NE: Plav town, Plavsko Jezero lake, Eastern massif of PROKLETIJE range - Djeravica (2656 m), Bogdas (2530 m), Maja Rops (2501 m), Starac (2426 m)...

E: Ropojana Valley, Kolata (2528 m), Rosni Vrh-Maja Rosit (2524 m)...

S: Maja Jezerce (2694 m), Maja Brijaset 2563 m, Maja Malisores, Maja Popluks

W: North Karanfil (2460 m)

NE: Ocnjak (2185 m), Volusnica (1879 m), Karaula (1915 m), Trojan (2190 m), Komovi (2487 m), Visitor (2211 m)...

Routes Info

Ocnjak & Karanfil LjuljasevicaOcnjak & Karanfil Ljuljasevica

Karanfil LjuljasevicaKaranfil Ljuljasevica

Classical route start from Dom Grbaja (Grbaja Hut) in Grbaja Valley. From there trail go through the Ljubokuce Valley till 2010 m. Then trail leads to the right in SW direction. After 10 minutes you'll come in Grapa cirque, opened toward Ljubokuce valley (on the north). From that cirque you can notice on the top of rocky slopes mountain path (S-SW direction), which leads first through grassy coluoar, and then through the high grass to the summit of Karanfil Ljuljasevica (2290 m).

Getting There

Going to Grbaja ValleyProkletije peaks above Grbaja Valley

Gateway to Prokletije and Karanfil Ljuljasevica peaks are Plav town, Gusinje town and Grbaja Valley. Information how to get there:

By Plane
~To Beograd (Belgrade, Serbian capital) airport. Than with plane to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, or with bus or car to Plav town.
~To Podgorica airport. Than with bus or car to Plav town and after to Gusinje town.

Information about flights find on the sites of JAT Airways, a former Yugoslav airlines, or on Montenegro Airlines.

By Bus
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Plav

By train
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Bijelo Polje. Than with bus or with car (rent a car) to Plav and Gusinje.

By car
~Beograd (Belgrade)-Kraljevo-Novi Pazar-Plav-Gusinje.

Gusinje town and Plav town (in Montenegro) are the main destinations you would head first. In Gusinje you can buy everything (food, shampoo, soap, clothes,... and many other things), all what you need for few days of trekking and climbing in heart of Prokletije massif.

From Gusinje town you can go deeper in Prokletije massif through two valleys - Grbaja & Ropojana. Distance Gusinje - Grbaja valley: 7,5 km, (2 h of walking with big rucksack (backpack).


Grbaja HutGrbaja Hut

Optimal place for stay and camping in the Montenegrin part of Prokletije range are "Branko Kotlajic" Hut and "Karanfili" Hut, both placed in Grbaja Valley. The owner of "Branko Kotlajic" Hut is "Radnicki" Mountain Club from Belgrade/Serbia). Exist possibility for getting a key of that hut and stay there. Information: e-mail: info@pd-radnicki.rs, www.pd-radnicki.rs . The owner of "Karanfili" Hut is "Karanfili" Mountain Club from Gusinje town.

Red Tape

No extra fees. For climb of Ljuljasevica Karanfil you don't need special police permit.