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Location Lat/Lon: 36.29877°N / 60.37748°E
Additional Information Object Type: Karkas Cave
Additional Information County: Sarakhs

About Karkas Cave

This cave has a small enterances on the ground, so you can't see it untill you'll be beside it!
Best time for seeing this cave is end of Spring .
This cave is one of the most beautiful caves of the Khorasan province (NE of Iran).
Inside of the cave could be seen in 4 hours.
You need rope for descending two 8 m. shafts.

Getting There

Mashhad is the second largest city after Tehran in NE of Iran .
There is a main road about 170 km. from Mashhad to Sarakhs city (on the border of Iran & Turkmenistan).
On the road , after Mazdavand town (100 kilometer from Mashhad) turn Left in a main road about 10 km. to Bazangan village.
Bazangan is famouse because of its beautiful lake which is near the village.
There is a dirty road about 3km. (toward West) from the village to Karkas Kalate (Kalate means "larg garden" in Farsi language).
The cave is located at a mountain range in SW of the garden.

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