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Joseph Bullough

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The web address for the rain gauge link appears to be incorrect. I believe the correct link is http://hi.water.usgs.gov/recent/waialeale.html


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In the 1977 edition of his trail guide, Robert Smith wrote: "Waialeale Wilderness Trail, 6 miles, 1500' gain, full-day hike (hike raiting: difficult).............The route-there is no existing trail-to the summit begins about seven miles in on the Mohini-Waialae Wilderness Trail and leads eastward through the Alakai Swamp. The hike requires sound physical condition, good equipment, a topgraphic map, a compass, trail-marking tape, and a stout heart. Unless you begin the hike from the Mohini-Waialae Wilderness Campground, it is not possible to complete a round trip to the summit in one day and since camping is not permitted, it is necessary to complete the hike in one day.

Ralph Daehler, District Forester for Kauai, reported that hiking will be discouraged in the Waialeale portion of the Alakai Swamp until such time as trials are established and rules and regulations for their use are defined. He noted that Waialeale is an important watershed area and has to be protected

I recommend the Alakai Swamp Trail for hikers who are interested in exploring the swamp."


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In early August, we climbed/hiked Waialeale and also reached Waialeale Lake at the end of the Waialeale Trail. After two preliminary "get acquainted" hikes that took us within about two and a half "trail miles" of Waialeale, it took about thirty-two hours of trekking over four days after leaving the end of the Camp 10 road. For a detailed description, maps, photos got to


Without a doubt, the Waialeale Trail existed at one time and fragments of a well preserved trail still exist. In other areas, it's been completely destroyed by three hurricanes. No maintenance has been done since the USGS switched to helicopters in the '60's to service the two raingages and streamgage next to the trail.

Our route can also be reached via Waialae Camp. I'm using a crummy condo computer but I'll try to upload a photo or two. My climbing partner has the CD with most of the photos. Adios Waialeale Mike

If you're interested in going off trailing in Hawaii, please contact me at volcantrek8@yahoo.com.


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The link doesn't seem to go anywhere.

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