Keeper Potholes

This is one of the "keeper potholes" that you must climb out of in Cable Canyon. The canyon is a technical adventure.

Shane Burrows Photo. See for more photos.


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Scott - Nov 21, 2007 7:51 am - Hasn't voted

Re: How...

Lots of "fun" ways to do so. This keeper pothole is actually an easy one. A simple partner assist will get you out of this one.

In canyons like Imlay or Lost Eden they are much harder and bigger. Anyway a few methods:

1. Shoulder stand from a partner. If the water is deep, he will have to hold his breath.

2. Pack or "potshot" toss. Object(s) attached to a rope are tossed over the lip of the pothole until there is enough counterbalance to climb the rope.

3. Cheater sticks. An Ibis hook attached to an avalanche probe can get you out of some.

4. Hooking. This is a last resort. Small oles are drilled into the wall and then you can climb it with climbing equipment known as bat hooks. Best avoided if at all possible because it defaces the rock.

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