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Alberta, Canada, North America
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Oct 1, 2004
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Created On: May 12, 2005
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Park at the Galatea Creek trail head. I chose to bike in, although with a broken hand
this was not necessarily any quicker. Cross two bridges and then turn right onto
Terrace Trail. Continue on bike for another 10 minutes to a large creek bed bisecting
the trail. It was dry at this juncture in October. Park the bike and head up the right
side of the creek bed and find a trail heading west above the north side. This trail
leads into the huge bowl-drainage for Kidd. Continue following the water at this
point making your way up the right side of the waterfall via solid rock ledges.
Continue following the drainage on the right side, staying on the right side of a deep
water worn gully. Continue on steep ground realizing you need to constantly bend
right working your way to the right side of some steep rock protrusions and finding a
gully or two breaking through to the broad sweeping southern scree field of Mount
Kidd. The last 1000' up this scree is tedious to say the least, but I stayed somewhat
right of the TV repeater tower on the summit (you can easily see from below) so I
could use larger stones and scree on my ascent.

The views on top were grand this day with Bogart to the immediate northwest,
Assiniboine, Sir Douglas and Joffre to the west and south. There was a summit

On descent, I chose to use Kane's route to see more of the mountain which took me
straight down fast scree and then traverses right on a visible trail zig zagging it's way
through ledges to the very right of the bowl. Then traverse back left to where you
ascended above the waterfall. I thought I was moving slow this day via injuries, but
still finished well under 6 hours. The approach is short.


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