Kiddler Mtn. Trail from the Wapack

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New Hampshire, United States, North America
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Kiddler Mtn. Trail from the Wapack
Created On: Nov 9, 2005
Last Edited On: Aug 28, 2010


VIA ROUTE 123 FROM THE SOUTH: Take Route 123 to the height of land on the Wapack Ridge (about a mile south of the intersection of 124 and 123). There will be a sign on your left saying Wapack Rd. DO NOT PARK THERE. Instead park across the street in turnout where there is a specific sign marking the Wapack Trail. This park area will be on your left if coming from the north or from the right if coming from the south.

VIA NASHUA ROAD FROM THE NORTH: Take 123 to Nashua Rd. make a left (from the north) or right (from the south) onto Nashua Road and head a mile east. The Wapack Trail will be on you right across from the small horse barn.

Route Description

Spectucular views towards a...

FROM THE NORTH: Take the very gradual class 1 Wapack Trail south towards New Ipwich Mountain and Mt. Watatic. The gradual to the height of land between Conant hill and Wildcat Hill. The trail will then take a short dip and then rise again up to the Kiddler Mountain Trail which has it's trailhead on the left. It will be 1.6 miles one way to the trailhead

The Kidder Mountain start of with alternating gradual and moderate pitches up an area of pipelines. The trail head up the pipeline for about 0.3 mile and then enters the woods on the left side the trail continues up the mountain at an easy pace in the forest. At about 0.6 miles the forest will open up as abondoned fields. Continue up the now moderate pitched trail to the summit where great views of to the south and east await you. Go a couple hundred miles more and you will up to another field with a moderate view west.

FROM THE SOUTH: Take the Wapack Trail 0.6 miles over alternate ascending and descending zone. The trail will pass by what looks to be a private ski area on the right. The trail will ascend one of these hills for about thirty yards then re-enter the woods on the left. Continue on the trail where at 0.5 miles it will turn into a jeep trail (Watch for yellow markers on your way back). Continue on the Wapck trail until you run into a powerline opening where the Kidder Mountain Trail will be on your right.

Essential Gear

This is a perfect snowshoe hike in winter however use caution if you are coming from the south because the Wapack Trail appears to pass a ski area with no ski lift. In summer this mountain is very easy and only essential hiking gear is needed.

Kiddler Mtn. Trail from the Wapack

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